Chakri Memorial Day 2014 : Koh Samui

Chakri 2014 Celebration

King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the ninth king of the dynasty and leads the royal family in religious ceremonies, he presides over wreath laying ceremonies at the statue of King Rama I at Memorial Bridge and the Royal Pantheon. The king is joined by all government officials and the prime minister in paying homage to the predecessors, and the people hold ceremonies at different Chakri monuments or join in the celebrations. On this day, the national flag is displayed by all government offices.

The Commoners’ Tribute to Chakri Monarchs

Offenses against the royal family in Thailand are strictly forbidden. If anyone makes a negative remark about the monarchs or their families, they can fact up to 15 years in prison. According to the laws, Thais regarded the monarchs with extremely high esteem, and this holiday gives all the people a chance to express their gratitude to the Chakri monarchs for bringing Thailand together and making it into what today is a regional power player.

All the memorials to the house of Chakri and the statues of King Rama I are decorated with garlands and flowers on this day. The contributions of the Chakri kings are kept alive with forums held throughout the country about Thailand’s release from control of Burma, fortification of the country, abolition of slavery and establishing a constitutional government. Since Thais are mostly Buddhists, they also make offerings to Chakri rulers at the Royal Pantheon.