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Where is the pier located?

From experience, we know that this is a big concern for our customers. Therefore, we have made your pier information as clear as possible. You can find your departing pier address clearly marked on the printable e-ticket that we send to you via email.

Additionally, go to our
Pier Information page for the most comprehensive local pier information you can find anywhere! When booking your trip, we've made it possible for you to check departure information as you select your preferred trip. Finally, if you still need more information, contact our Customer Service Agents, we are happy to help.

Can we purchase our tickets at the pier?

We are only able to accept online booking and online payments at the time of your booking. There may be boat services selling tickets at some of the piers but prices, schedules, and availability are subject to variation.  

What are the baggage allowances?

Your ferry e-ticket includes ferry transport, baggage fees, and handling. The Free Baggage Allowance for one person is 20 kgs. All of your personal baggage should be allowed on board at no additional charge. The local staff reserve the right to check your bags as a security measure. If you have unusual cargo for personal or business use, please contact us if you are unsure. 

If I miss my ferry, can I take the next one?

Unfortunately, this is not possible. Each trip needs to be booked in advance. In cases where you miss your ferry, you will not be entitled to a refund. Therefore, please ensure that you give yourself a good time to get to your pier with at least 30 minutes to spare.

If you do happen to miss your ferry and want to travel as soon as possible, please contact us and we'll advise you of your next best option. Finally, don't panic, there's always a solution!

Is food provided on the ferries?

Nearly all of the ferries will be serving refreshments and drinks on board. You will also be able to find snack foods and various light meals on the trip and there could be an extra charge. Choices are limited, but you are sure to find something to suit you.

Can I change the date of my ticket?

Yes, you can change the trip date as long as the notice is more than 72 hours prior to departure. And there is a small service fee of 200 baht each time. Please click the chat button to speak with one of our customer service agents who will take you through the simple booking change process. 


What's the boarding process on the day of my trip?

Firstly, please print out the e-ticket we have sent to you. When arriving at the pier, locate the ferry boat staff of the boat that's named on your ticket.  Show the staff your confirmation - they will give you a sticker, and/or boarding pass. They will also point you to your boat. Most piers have staff that helps you transfer your luggage on board. In Samui, the staff will be sitting at booths in front of the boat loading area. Elsewhere, the staff will be near the boats usually wearing boat uniforms.

What are the tourist seasons around Samui?

There are three distinct weather seasons on the tropical island of Koh Samui: the dry season (December until February), the hot season (March until August) and the rainy season (September until November).

How safe are the ferries?

All of the ferry boats that we connect you to are regulated and approved by the Thai Navy. Each boat is seaworthy and most are relatively new and comfortable. However, you should be responsible for your own safety. As with any passenger vessel, it's wise to locate the exits and life vests when you arrive onboard. We'd recommend that you are fully insured also for your piece of mind. 

When I arrive at the pier, how will I find my taxi service?

When you arrive at the ferry pier terminal, look for a driver holding a banner with the name of the location you want to get to. For private transfers arranged through us, your driver will be holding up a card with your name written on it.

If you do not spot one in the first 2-3 minutes, ask ferry personnel to help locate the driver. If you still cannot find your driver, please contact us right away using the customer service contact channel written on your ticket. 

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