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Koh Samui – Lamai Beach


Koh Samui is one of the most precious islands in Thailand. It is located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. It has been 1500 years now since this significant piece of land has first dwelled.

This island holds two attractive resorts that allure the tourists roaming across Thailand. These two famous resorts are Chaweng Beach and Lamai Beach. Chaweng Beach is the biggest, but Lamai Beach comes right after Chaweng in size, also comes with a quieter and more peaceful atmosphere.

Lamai Beach lies in the eastern side of Koh Samui Island; it extends for 4 kilometers along the seashore. It is considered as one of the lengthiest sand beaches known in the region. Lamai Beach is always recognized with its sea water’s aquamarine shades, gentle sands, and its tropical nature with a large copse of palm trees. In addition to the marvelous nearby places, accommodation, and entertainment choices. Besides, Lamai Beach is relatively cheaper than Chaweng Beach. This makes plenty of vacationers believe that Lamai Beach is a charming destination and a delightful experience.

Lamai Beach is a great location for snorkeling and swimming, for its warm salty sea and stunning turquoise water, especially the southern part of the beach for its breathtaking view. As Lamai Seashore extends for a quite long distance, you will always find a tranquil spot to relish the dazzling sunshine. On the contrary, at night, Lamai Beach is a perfect place to stroll, do some shopping, or even have an amusing dinner. The nightlife at this particular spot of the island is intriguing.

How to get to Lamai Beach

If you have arrived at Koh Samui; you can get to Lamai Beach from any corner on the island through the ring road. You can either hire a car or use public transportation to make your way to the Beach.

If you are in Koh Samui airport, you can use the minibus service, which takes you straight to Lamai Beach.

Or you may try booking a private transfer, which is one of the practical options to take and will cost you around 450 baht.

Lamai Beach Attractions

Overlap Stone

The Overlap Stone is one of the well-known landmarks in Lamai Beach. It is positioned up on a hill elevated above the ocean level with one hundred and fifty meters at the backside of the beach. Visitors love to climb this enormous elliptical stone, it takes almost half an hour of ascending to reach the top, to catch a sight of mind-blowing scenery of the beach amid the gorgeous landscape and palm trees embracing the seashore.

Grandfather & Grandmother Rock

Grandfather and Grandmother Rock may be the most famed spot to visit in Lamai Beach. It is also known locally as Hin Ta and Hin Yai. At this certain location you will find peculiar rocks creation, forming genital organs. This divine creation has been a remarkable attraction for countless tourists visiting Lamai Beach.

Lamai Viewpoint

This place was discovered around the crossways of three astonishing natural fascinations. You can find this viewpoint near the ring road of Koh Samui nearby the Grandfather and Grandmother rocks (Hin Ta & Hin Yai rocks). From this point you can view a wide panorama of the Simsky Gulf and the charming landscape all the way down. You will not only enjoy the lovely sight, just as well you will find there a cozy bar with mouth-watering drinks, not to forget the zip lining for adding more adrenaline activities for having an amusing experience at this site.

Silver Beach

This stunning beach looks like a heavenly creation. It takes place at the Crystal Bay (Haad Thong Ta-Khian) nearby Lamai Beach few shipyards away to the northeast of Lamai Beach, just before the famous Chaweng zone. The beachfront stretches for two hundred and fifty meters. Right there, you will find a very unique composition of pure turquoise seawater and the amazing tropical nature of this place. Tourists take advantage of the spectacular seawater in Silver Beach, spending much time snorkeling, swimming, and renting sea kayaks for adrenaline rush seekers or having a seaside massage for the chillers.

Coco Splash Adventure & Water Park

In favor of thrill-seekers, Coco Splash Adventure is considered as a fine choice for families and their little ones, having some amusement and dodging the hot weather during the day. You will find Coco Splash Adventure & Water Park a few meters away from Lamai Beach, taking place in the heart of the greenery and the palm trees, possessing many pools and water games. It is a nice place for kids to live the adventure and for parents to relax for some time.

Thai Boxing in Lamai

Boxing is a very popular sport in most parts of Thailand. Lamai Thai boxing schools are authentically the oldest ones after that of its elder sister Chaweng. You can get entertained each weekend at Lamai Boxing Stadium watching some epic fights between mighty boxers. The authenticity of Lamai Boxing schools came from being superior in training and organizing lady fights, spreading the ancient art of Thai Boxing, and having amusing long nights

Samui Aquarium

Samui Aquarium is one of the most enjoyable attractions in Koh Samui Island. This place is a glimpse of the wildlife out there. You can find lots of marine creatures, birds, and animals. This place is a perfect attraction for the little kids; watching tigers’ shows, sharks, as well as many kinds of tropical fish, and manta rays. You can also offer some food for sea turtles.

Bengal tigers and leopards are the most playful yet thrilling. Every day you can be entertained with a different show and have lots of photographs to forever hold the memory.

Culture Exposure around Lamai Beach

Rather than the entertaining places and activities you can find nearby Lamai Beach, you can also experience some eye-openers and expose yourself to diverse cultural trips in the neighborhood, starting from the unique Buddhist enlightenment through uncovering more than one temple suchlike Wat Lamai, Secret Buddha Garden, and Mummy Monk (Wat Khunaram), to the contemporary Chinese cultivation at Guan Yu Shrine. Going on trips like these will reveal to you brand new cultures and perspectives that will leave certainly you wondering.

Wat Lamai

Right on the main roadway of Ban Lamai, lies Wat Lamai Temple (Folklore Museum Koh Samui) at the heart of Lamai. A two-storey wooden building reflecting the villagers’ culture who lived there a long time age. At the entrance, two massive Yak statues stood magnificently. These Yaks were the guardians who protect Buddha. Locals come to this sacred place daily to pray and propose presents to Buddha. You will find majestic golden Buddha statues from the history of Koh Samui in the middle of the temple and a two-thousand years old ceremonial drum as a masterpiece in Wat Lamai. People also witness a great deal of weddings, festivals, events, and funerals at Wat Lamai Temple.

Secret Buddha Garden

A hidden gem in the heart of Koh Samui, created by a fruit farmer, up on a hilltop at a sharp bend, lies this glorious secret garden with a set of unique statues resting in the middle of the jungle, embracing an exceptional waterfall, streaming a freshwater from beneath. It is also called locally the Magic Garden or Heaven’s Garden.

Standing from any point at this secret garden you will view amazing sceneries from different perspectives appreciating the art composition between the statues and nature.

Big Buddha Temple

Big Buddha Temple (Wat Phra Yai) is placed on a little island made of rocks near the northeastern coast of Koh Samui Island. This temple is one of the most important attractions placed in the checklist in most of Koh Samui visitors’ trips. Half a century ago, this temple was built with a magnificent masterpiece of Buddha statues seating with one hand posturing the palm up and the other hand facing down on his knees. This twelve meters high statue is engraved splendidly, which makes the Buddha statue seen from a couple of kilometers away and counted as the first place to visit once you stepped in Koh Samui Island.

Wat Khunaram (Mummified Monk)

Koh Samui’s Wat Khunaram is an uncommon sightseeing yet it is an interesting place to visit. You will find yourself exposed to fascinating Thai and Buddhist culture. Wat Khunaram is located on the ring road between Hua Thanon and Na Muang waterfalls, 6 Kilometers at the east of Lamai Beach. The mummified body of the monk there has been preserved for more than 30 years in his meditating position in a neat glass box, embracing the idea that life is only a passing experience while considering death as an important opportunity to take a closer step to the better place and reborn again and ultimately reach the nirvana state.

Guan Yu Shrine

Guan Yu Shrine is a popular temple and a well-known meeting point to the Chinese community in Koh Samui Island. If you are moving from Lamai Beach to Ban Hua Thanon; you will find Guan Yu Shrine located on the right. This is the first Chinese cultural footprint on the island, thus it was created to preserve the Chinese history and culture and spread it everywhere. Guan Yu Shrine possesses photographs and valuable items belonging to the ancestors. The shrine is used for wedding ceremonies and it represents the faithfulness and the honesty of marriage.

Lamai Beach Nightlife

Lamai is the second featured resort in Koh Samui after the neighbor resort Chaweng. Lamai offers an entertaining nightlife for all tastes from loads of discos, club scenes, shows, lady boxing, and an endless number of witty bars and funky pubs, to shopping and having a nice walk and smelling the local vibes among the night plaza.

Lamai Night Plaza

Lamai Night Plaza is the prime downtown market in Koh Samui. Lamai Night Plaza is deemed to be the scaled-down version of Patpong the iconic night market located in Bangkok. You can do some shopping at this fantastic bazaar. You will have so much fun and will find loads of interesting goods to buy. No matter what kind of stuff you are interested in, you will be pleased with the merchandise out there. You may bargain for clothes, home decorations, handmade art pieces, wooden animals, Buddhist figures, and many more exceptional products.

For sure you will come back home with plenty of souvenirs from this place.

Lamai Central Plaza

Right in the heart of Lamai, lives a two-thousand square meters plaza at Lamai resort town, made out of countless bars, cool restaurants, pleasant dining options, street food stalls, and a Thai boxing ring. This plaza starts hustling and bustling when the sun goes down, nevertheless, late at night it starts pumping out and the party lovers enjoy music, cocktails, and loud parties.

Swing Bar

A tremendous beachfront with a European taste made out of wooden bars and lots of swing chairs, bamboo tables, and wild frosty cocktails and house music. You can enjoy a relaxing seaside dinner, eating delicious seafood, baguettes, burgers, and plenty of tasty local Thai food. Night owls enjoy the late fire dances, fire shows, and night parties by the sea. For some extra chilling, you can get yourself an amusing hookah pipe to smoke with the nice breeze and the sea waves in the background.

Other nearby Beaches

Chaweng Beach

Situated in the largest and most occupied town in Koh Samui Island. A perfect destination with a beautiful combination between the beach and the stunning nature, besides providing a very nice accommodation and dining options matching each and every taste. Chaweng’s nightlife is set to be the best among all beaches and resorts throughout Koh Samui Island. Chaweng is known for its famed green mango strip extending to three kilometers, flowing through the neighboring towns, loaded with many discos, dancing bars, and pubs. Chaweng is a magical attraction to many travelers every night.

Maenam Beach

This place is an absolute retreat. Maenam Beach is the destination to escape to for weeks putting the world behind your back; staying in one of the nice bungalows spreading along the beachfront, relishing the quiet, simple and serene life in this place, with a level of privacy you will never get anywhere else. Wanderers are attracted to Maenam beach, despite its remote location and the long pathways between places, to have a peaceful time, clearing their minds, meditating, as well as living with the least budget of accommodation, food, and entertainment for the longest time.

Lipa Noi Beach

Due to its location; Lipa Noi Beach is considered a good deal and an easy option to enjoy in Koh Samui Island. If you are heading to Koh Samui from the mainland, you will find that Lipa Noi is the closest beach to meet.

You can have a very pleasant experience here while driving through coconut plantations paving your way through that tropical resort. Lipa Noi Beach is known for its white soft sands and shallow water. The water is clear from rocks and corals which make this destination a perfect and safe one for kids.

Lipa Noi offers many accommodations and restaurants' options for different budget sets. There is a famous restaurant that attracts most of this destination’s visitors called “Big John Seafood”, which serves very yummy choices of mouthwatering seafood.

Choeng Mon Beach

Choeng Mon Beach is one of the well-known beaches in Koh Samui Island. Due to its closeness to Big Buddha temple, Choeng Mon beach has been a chosen destination to visit, having popular sightseeing spots in approach. Choeng Mon Beach is created from a series of bays flowing in the northeastern edge of the island. Many accommodation offerings are available from three to five stars resorts with nice private beaches to relish. Restaurants in Choeng Mon Beach deliver a very delicious set of local spicy Thai food.

The nature surrounding this place is simply charming. Visitors enjoy the lovely sceneries out there and capture their moments in the heart of this godly creation.


Bophut Beach is one of the elderly beaches at Koh Samui Island. It is located in the way between Big Buddha and Maenam Beach. It splits into two parts; the Bophut Beach and the enchanting Fisherman’s village.

What’s really unique here are the old wooden Chinese shops and buildings, embracing a punch of modern buildings while balancing the tone and preserving the ancient and modern cultures of the village. You can do some shopping out there, buying some remarkable souvenirs or nice clothes.

You can have some diving lessons and learn scuba diving as well since Bophut is famous for the most interesting diving spots in Koh Samui such as Sail Rock, Ang Thong Marine Park, or Koh Tao Island.

We hope we were able to answer all your questions about Lamai Beach and got you as excited as we are!

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