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Will Koh Phangan Curfew Be Lifted For Full Moon Party?

5 June 2014
Tourists hoping to travel by ferry to Koh Phangan for the island's next Full Moon Party on June 13th are hoping and praying that the military curfew, still in force over the island, will be lifted before the party starts.

Koh Phangan Still Under Curfew
As Thailand's tourist-rich islands are still recovering from tourism volume reductions of up to 20% following the Thailand-wide curfew set by the NCPO, travel agencies across Thailand are begging the military to allow Koh Phangan's infamous Full Moon Party to be unhindered by crippling time constraints by next full moon.

Full Moon Party
Thailand's most famous full moon party has been swinging in Koh Phangan ever since 1988. Back then, the island was a backpacker haven, with travelers loving the adventure, the exotic longtail boat entrances, and long nights under magnificent stars. Phangan quite quickly became well known for its fast emerging tradition of wilder and wilder parties on the sandy dancefloors of Ban Had Rin Beach. After all, who's not going to turn down the opportunity of a party under the most natural nightlight - a gloriously glowing full moon!

Nowadays, these same Ban Had Rin shores become home for one night to thousands of backpacking, fun-seeking party animals. This party has made such a name for itself, that the once sleepy island of Koh Phangan has become one of Thailand's premier tourist destinations. The parties attract big DJ superstar names from major club scenes around the world, and for 3-5 days either side of Full Moon Party nights, the beach is awash with luminously dressed, crazy-behaving young revellers, drinking, dancing, diving and declaring "What a Party"!

Will Curfew Be Lifted?
However, President of the Tourist Promotion Association in Koh Phangan, Wannee Thaipanich, stated on Sunday that the Suratthani Army District have been aked by letter to allow the party to be held all night. After all, who wants to go all the way to the infamous party only to have to be back to the hotel by 12pm? The President went on to assure prospective travelers of the Tourism Association's confidence that the ruling government will indeed make the call to end the curfew.

Phangan Ferry Trips Expected to be Full
All current information points to the fact that tourists are full of confidence that the Full Moon Party will go on as normal (if any full moon party can be classed as normal)! Latest news is that ferries from Koh Samui to Koh Phangan, Koh Tao to Koh Phangan, and bus/ferry packages from Phuket and Krabi specifically, are filling up almost as much as other months. Local agencies are assuming that this is because backpackers and young travelers are typically more resilient and adaptable as tourist groups.

Ferry Samui will keep abreast of the situation as it changes, and is committed to bringing you any latest developments on the Koh Phangan curfew situation.

Stay posted,

FerrySamui News Team

Please note that this information is subject to change. If you have any doubts or concerns; contact our customer service team via the email, phone, or live chat.


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