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Mae Hong Sorn


Mae Hong Sorn Information


Situated in Northern Thailand is a mountainous remote destination called Mae Hong Son. It’s visited by many tourists looking to spend some time staring at the beautiful landscape and reflecting upon their own experiences. Getting there is not a hard task, yet unfortunately, there aren’t many options for transportation, that is of course because of its isolated location. One of the most recommended options is traveling there by minivan or bus, you’ll find bus and minivan services operating frequently between Mae Hong Son and Chiang Mai as well as there are long-distance buses operating from Bangkok. There are no train stations in the province, however, the closest one is in Chiang Mai. Plane travel is available from Chiang Mai, as Mae Hong Son has a small airport that services short flights.

Mae Hong Son Information

Finally! A secluded location where you can enjoy a bit of solitude while being surrounded by the most gorgeous mountainous vista. Mae Hong Son is the perfect getaway that everyone needs. A special fact about the province is the many hill tribes calling this province their home, some of them are the Hmong and Shan tribes. Mae Hong Son has a definite Burmese influence especially in its architecture, as it borders Myanmar (Burma) and the population is ethnically diverse.


Mae Hong Sorn Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu

Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu
Wat Phra That Doi Kong Mu is an amazing temple held in high regards by the locals known for its typical Shan architecture. Mae Hong Son has a magnificent set of temples and monuments with this landmark being among the most iconic. One of the most special things about the temple is that it is located on a hill overlooking the town, resulting in a breathtaking view that is so worth climbing for. A golden Buddha statue can be found at the temple as well as 2 Chedis. You can even enjoy a delicious hill tribe beverage at a small café on the hill. Its Location is in Chong Kham, Mueang Mae Hong Son District.

Mae Hong Sorn Hill tribe villages

Hill tribe villages
Mae Hong Son is a host to a large ethnically diverse population, some of the ethnic groups in the province are called hill tribes and a lot of them live in traditional, modest villages. A lot of these villages welcome visitors such as Pha Ma Lo and Huay Suo Tao. One of the most delightful villages in Thailand is the border village of Ban Rak Thai where many Chinese soldiers’ descendants call home. Another fascinating village in Mae Hong Son is Santichon Village or also called Pai Chinese Village, where many Mao region refugees fled and sought shelter.

Mae Hong Sorn Salween National Park

Salween National Park
Located in Mae Sariang and Sop Moei Districts, Salween National Park Is a great destination for nature lovers, it even holds so much value that it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s the ideal location for a day trip with your family, partner or even all by yourself. The park is set in a mountainous dense forested area with the beautiful Salween River passing through it, which makes it an amazing place for treks. Camping and rafting in the river are two of many activities you can participate in at the Salween National Park.

Mae Hong Sorn Outdoor activities

Outdoor activities
Mae Hong Son is a quite appealing place for all the outdoor adventurers out there. It has everything you would expect such as amazing valleys, dense jungles and a cool set of mysterious mountains, as well as it is a perfect place for hiking due to its rough trails passing along beautiful waterfalls. Mountain bikers can also enjoy some of the trails in the province. But nothing beats some refreshing water activities like tubing, bamboo rafting, white water rafting, canoeing, kayaking and more. ATV riding as well as caving and climbing are yet another set of thrilling activities you can enjoy in Mae Hong Son.

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