Koh Samui Triathlon 2017 – Nathon Beach : Koh Samui

The Koh Samui Triathlon is an exhilarating event held at Koh Samui and which continues to attract many competitors both locally and internationally.

The triathlon comprises of swimming, cycling and running over the beautiful Koh Samui island.

The 4 kilometre swim, the 120 kilometre cycling and the 30 kilometre run certainly call for fit individuals to undertake the challenge in the hot and humid weather.

With the annual competition held in April each year, it is little wonder that visitors are advised to prepare for the sweltering temperatures.

The cycling zone, which is centrally located, is often held at Nathon while the swimming section consists of two laps for 2 kilometre swims. The running course stretches for 30 kilometres between Nathon and South Koh Samui.

Participants will get any assistance required at various posts along the different courses with ambulances and medical personnel on standby. Ample parking is available on location to accommodate the swelling number of participants and spectators.

Participants must abide by the stipulated rules in order to be eligible for the island triathlon. There is plenty of accommodation close to the centre of action, so visitors can easily extend their stay at the magical island in order to sample the sights and sounds of Thailand’s most exotic island.

Anyone looking for adventure on the sunny island should certainly look out for the world acclaimed triathlon and take up the challenge.

Date: 10 April 2017
Location: Nathon, Koh Samui