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Travel Destinations – Khao Sok National Park


Pretty far away from the bustling cities to the South of Thailand, flawlessly situated on the massive landmass that is enclosed by the well-known Krabi, Phuket, and Koh Samui, a magical destination takes place, Khao Sok National Park. This park is a captivating blend between beauty, calmness, and adventure. The land that is covered by the oldest lush green tropical rainforest of all time, embracing majestic limestone mountains, secret glens, mysterious caves, delightful lakes, intriguing creatures, and the mind-blowing wildlife out there.

How to get to Khao Sok National Park

Private Taxi or Minivan

Private taxi and minivans are the most common transportation methods from/to Khao Sok National Park. You can pick-up a private taxi to Khao Sok yourself from the main streets or a minivan from the local bus stations. Hotels and resorts may also arrange a private taxi to Khao Sok, yet it will certainly be more expensive.

You can take a taxi to Khao Sok from Phuket, Krabi, Surat Thani, or Koh Lanta. The cheapest option you might get for a one-way trip is around 1,400 Baht.

Phuket to Khao Sok

You can take the bus from Phuket to Khao Sok. There is a bus operating every hour from the early morning till 2:00 PM. This trip will take around 4 hours until you reach Khao Sok and will cost you about 160 Baht.

Krabi to Khao Sok

Going to Khao Sok from Krabi, you can use the minibus, but only one minibus leaves from Krabi to Khao Sok per day. It leaves from Krabi bus station at 11:00. This single trip will take from two to 3 hours. You can purchase your ticket directly from the bus stop for 300 baht. You have to know the name of the street you need the driver to drop you off.

Surat Thani to Khao Sok

If you are in Surat Thani and want to go to Khao Sok, you might take the air-conditioned public bus, one bus leaves every hour starting from 7:00 AM. This trip will take almost 2 hours and you will pay 120 Baht. You can also take a minivan heading directly to the park from the airport for 300 Baht.

Koh Lanta to Khao Sok

If you are staying in Koh Lanta and want to reach Khao Sok, you might take a minibus to the ferry pier for 650 Baht, then take the ferry which leaves from Koh Lanta at 08:30 and reaches Khao Sok at 13:30.

Bangkok to Khao Sok

If you want to go to Khao Sok from Bangkok, you might take a flight from Surat Thani Airport. You may also take the train from Surat Thani Train Station. However, beware that the southern line is always busy, so you need to book your ticket early enough.

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Khao Sok Weather

The climate in Khao Sok is split into two seasons; the rainy season and the dry season.

The rainy season starts from April until December, however, the rain falls heavily from June to September.When the rainy season comes these heavy rains fall on Khao Sok majestic rainforest; all the trails get very slippery and dangerous, and the waterfalls get wild.

After the rainy season passes away; a short window of nice weather takes place from January to April, which is the dry season period. Yet, a splash of rainfall is still expected.

Just be prepared with a waterproof jacket, your hiking boots, and long sleeves to keep leeches away.

What to bring to Khao Sok?

If you are planning to spend a couple of days in Khao Sok National Park, you need to pack your things smartly and get prepared for everything. You might bring comfy walking shoes, loose clothes, ditch your smartphone and bring a nice book, hand lamp, spray for mosquitos and the most important, a camera to capture the perfect sceneries and the gorgeous nature with lush jungle hidden gems and snapping these unforgettable moments.

Things to do in Khao Sok National Park

Camping in the Rainforest

One of the best things you would experience in Thailand. The oldest rainforest of all time, Khao Sok rainforest is 65 million years old. The locals name it the “Real Khao Sok Experience”. Camping in the tropical rainforest of Khao Sok is a unique adventure. The untouched nature there is mind-blowing. Nevertheless, you will find various resorts and cozy camps to stay in the nearby Klong Sok village and uncover the challenging yet rewarding trails beneath the jungle, finding the habitats of hundreds of rare species in the heart of the forest. You might stay for a couple of days, learning how to find water through the jungle and how to cook your food with bamboo. You will find this authentic experience much entertaining.

You may stay at “Elephant Hills” rainforest camp in one of its floating luxurious safari tents by Cheow Lan Lake for some peace of mind, or you can stay at the Rainforest Camp in its private canvas tents, having some stunning views and kayaks right in front of your tent. There are many more options to camp, just pick one, and have a different remarkable adventure.

Boating on Cheow Lan Lake

Cheow Lan Lake, the life elixir of the rainforest. 165 Km2 of the charming blue-greenish lake settled in the heart of Khao Sok National Park, enclosed with the harmonious limestone cliffs and mountains lining along with the lakeside, hiding beneath a great mystifying jungle embraced with the interesting wildlife inside. You will always have nice views to contemplate from the water level watching the cliffs, passing by nasty monkeys, gibbons, and other mysterious creatures.

Digging deeper into the wild forest, you will witness other animals by the water banks, you can come across deers, tapirs, faunas as well as elephants. Discovering this hidden wildlife within the mighty jungle through this safari is not a piece of cake, so you might need some help; try to get one of the locals on board to guide you through the lake and the jungle, finding your way to the amazing wildlife out there and getting you to see lots of flora species, you can find more than two hundred different vistas of them in each hectare. You may also uncover some mystifying hidden caves that are located among that ancient forest. Standing at any point around Cheow Lan Lake, you will always get an entertaining scenery.

Jungle Cooking

In Khao Sok, locals appreciate cooking and eating delicious food. They love drinking cool water from the running rivers, grabbing their own food from the heart of nature, they master blending exceptional spice kicks and herbs to their food.

Thai locals have a very nice taste in cooking food, not only this but also having interesting decoration skills that will always leave you satisfied yet wondering. That’s the little secret of the tasty Thai food that is admired by many people all around the world.

You should visit a local family, spending some interesting time with them, exposing yourself to a unique culture, eating a “farm to table” organic meal, having some fun while learning to cook some yummy Thai dishes. You will enjoy picking up vegetables and fruits, getting your spice mix, and cooking interesting mouthwatering meals.

Don’t miss the chance to taste the bamboo shoots and the tempura banana flowers as well. It’s time to enjoy you freshly made with love dish with some herbal tea made from Pandanus leaf and lemongrass in a natural bamboo

Monkey Temple

The Monkey Temple is one of the famous attractions in Khao Sok, it is located nearby Khao Sok Town. It is not among the top attractions to visit, but if you are a monkeys’ lover, you will certainly have so much fun. You will find tens of monkeys all around as well as a unique monkey statue at the temple entrance. You may feed the monkeys you like, but beware and keep all your belongings tight when these little goblins are near as they can easily steal them. Entering from the gate, you will find bright small buildings of the temple with a large garden having trees and monkeys everywhere.

Khao Sok Jungle Trekking

While in Khao Sok National Park, jungle trekking is one of the most interesting adventures you can do. Although the weather is often hot and humid, you will be pleased by the jungle trekking. Having a jungle tour, walking around and hiking here and there, paving your own way off-the-beaten-track through the jungle; you will spot plenty of species all around you, you may catch sight of stunning colorful butterflies, hornbills, bats, kingfisher birds, monkeys, macaques, tigers, bears, elephants, snakes, and spiders.

The rainforest of Khao Sok is rich with its wildlife. Each different path you will take in this journey will be a brand new adventure. The most beautiful hike that is tourists’ favorite is from Khao Sok Head Quarters located near to the town, which will lead to a thick bamboo forest passing by waterfalls and trying to explore diverse flora. The largest flower worldwide, the rare Rafflesia grows in the ancient rainforest of Khao Sok National Park.

Night Safari

For night lovers who crave thrilling adventures, this would be the perfect activity to do in Khao Sok National Park. Are you ready? Wait for the night, pack your things, put the headlamp on, and make sure that you are wearing long pants and long sleeves to take cover from the mosquitos. You will have a guide with excellent eyes to detect anything that you may face at night in the jungle.

You will hear chirping, clicking, humming, whirring, and croaking from each and everywhere. But be aware that this adventure can turn into an adrenaline booster at any moment. During this safari, you may find deadly snakes, big spiders, and scary bats. It’s okay! Have some faith in your guide, he will always figure it out. They are trained for this safari and they mastered their job every night for many years. In this adventure, you will have a glimpse of the crazy jungle life. You on this night safari, but it will be worth it.

Khao Sok Elephant Sanctuary & Retirement Park

In Khao Sok, the typical Thai-born elephant has two life paths, either to get the tourists on their backs and roam the forest or getting logs out of the rainforest. As time goes and these elephants grow old, their jobs become more difficult and tiring.

Appreciating these elephants’ efforts throughout their lifetime, Khao Sok created the elephant sanctuary and retirement park to offer these loyal elephants a better and happier life. Older elephants are given their own work-free space, healthy lifestyle and they are fed with organic vegetables and fruits with a balanced elephants’ diet. You can feed these elephants and understand the elephants’ behavior and the way they live happily at this park. You can also visit Somboon, the oldest elephant in Khao Sok National Park aging 54 years old; this elephant eats 300 Kgs of food every day.

Khao Sok River

One of the interesting things you would do in Khao Sok is exploring the jungle from the river perspective. Going on a canoe, tube, or a bamboo raft and mingling through the river is a unique experience that fits everybody and every taste. You roam the nearby villages watching the lush green mysterious jungle while having beneath the colorful kingfisher, nasty monkeys, snoozing snakes beyond the trees, and the sunken bamboo. Indeed you will need a guide to keep you safe, so you get to watch, wonder, and relax from a totally different spot in the heart of the mystical jungle of Khao Sok.

Enjoy the Stunning Sunsets & Sunrises

The nature in Khao Sok National Park is exceptional; everything looks artistic, lakes, rivers, mountains, cliffs, animals, birds, fish, rare species, and the greenery jungle. This beautiful nature embraces the sun and the sky, giving you one of the best sceneries you would see in your life.

Wake up early in the morning to witness the shining sun with beautiful pink hues on the cliffs, having all jungle sounds of monkeys, birds and many other species surrounding you. This is what is called a good morning. Nevertheless, you can witness the sunset with the nice breeze and spend the rest of the night stargazing at the clear skies with an absolute peace of mind.

Discovering the largest Flower in the World

Khao Sok rainforest is a divine creation in each and every detail. One of the things that you will see in Khao Sok Park and you will never see anywhere else; is the Rafflesia, which is the biggest flower on the planet. Rafflesia flowers can grow up to one-meter height and its weight can reach 8 kilograms. There are different species from the Rafflesia, it differs in their red color and size. This flower blooms for only a few days, which makes it challenging to grasp a look at these gorgeous giants.

Fauna in Khao Sok

Khao Sok National Park is very rich in resources, untouched nature, and interesting wildlife. There is a marvelous collection of the wildlife out there. In Khao Sok, you will always see monkeys each now and then.

Monkeys’ in the Khao Sok ecosystem are divided into four species; stump-tailed, long-tailed, langur, and macaques. If you took a kayak in Cheow Lan Lake, you will find yourself in the heart of the forest having pleasant sights and sceneries through the jungle corners. You might see eagles, bears, and the cutie hornbill.

Trekking up to the cliffs, you will witness the wild elephants searching for food here and there. Moreover, you may pass by tapirs, deers, and gibbons. Additionally, you will find ravishing aqua life with plenty of colorful fish and marine creatures including 12 types of kingfishers.

Romantic Rainforest

The one and only Khao Sok National Park is considered as one of the best spots for couples. Can you feel the love? Sure you will.

Khao Sok is a hidden gem in Thailand. It extends for 739 square kilometers; this park is an authentic piece of art of Mother Nature with all the wildlife and millions of creatures that blend with the godly creations in that enormous tropical rainforest.

Khao Sok Park is a peaceful experience for spending more romantic time or for a chilling, yet adventurous honeymoon. Khao Sok is a wonderful retreat, away from the hustling and bustling in other cities of Thailand. This is an absolute escapism with a magical soul and nature connection.

You can spend lots of tranquil quality time with your partner by the lake or at the floating camps, eating local food and chilling. You might witness the sunrises and sunsets with panoramic views on any edge in the lush jungle, then you may spend the rest of the night stargazing on a hammock and having some relaxing time on the musical tunes that come of the sleepy jungle.

Moreover, you can take your partner and go on a couple of adventures and boost your adrenaline while having some fun trekking, kayaking, enjoying a cooking class, playing and feeding animals or night crawling the forest at the mysterious jungle.

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