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Trang Train Station Information

Trang Train Station

Trang Train Station was constructed by the French Public Works Department. In April 1913 the station started operating on the Southern line section between Huai Yot and Kantang. Trang Train Station is located in Mueang Trang district, Thap Thiang subdistrict in Southern Thailand and is now managed and overseen by the State Railway of Thailand. The facilities inside the station are few, there are privately operated kiosks on the main train platform, from where you can buy snacks and beverages, three mobile toilets, a large waiting area, convenience store, and parking lots. During the peak holiday season in July and August, the station gets crowded and busy with people from around the globe. Outside the train station, you can easily find a taxi to take you to your hotel. The most known train routes at the station are ( Trang to Sam Sen, Trang to Bangkok, Trang to Nakhon Si Thammarat, Trang to Thung Song, and Trang to Kantang).

Dirección : Thap Thiang, Mueang Trang District, Trang 92000