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Забронировать и сохранить Пхукет Ко Самуи

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From Phuket to Koh Samui

Ко Самуи

From Phuket to Koh Samui: A Day Trip Adventure

Koh Samui is Thailand's second-largest island after Phuket. It is a highly recommended destination for a day trip, particularly from the picturesque Lamai Beach.

This island is, geographically in the Gulf of Thailand. It offers a panorama of coconut groves and lush rainforest. It's an invitation to spread out your beach towel and immerse yourself in its multitude of attractions. You may even discover a tranquil and beautiful beach for a restful nap beneath a coconut tree.

The name "Samui" comes from the Malay word "Saboey." It means "Safe haven." The island is a haven for exploration. It offers rental motorbikes and a good road system, along with numerous taxis.

It’s an experience not to be missed for those seeking an adventure.

One of the island's hidden gems is the "Secret Buddha Garden." It is located high in the hills, established by a local farmer in 1976. This beautiful garden is home to a unique collection of statues. It is also a testament to the island's cultural richness.

At the northern coast of Koh Samui lies the renowned Big Buddha temple. The temple features a 12-meter high Buddha statue, accessible by a staircase lined with mythical Nagas. The temple’s location offers splendid views of the neighboring island, Koh Phangan.

Planning your day trip to Koh Samui involves considering transportation options. Many tourists choose to travel from Phuket to Koh Samui. Bangkok Airways offers flights from Phuket Airport to Koh Samui Airport, a convenient and quick option. This flight from Phuket Airport to Koh Samui Airport is a popular choice for those looking to maximize their time on the island.

Mu Ko Ang Thong, an archipelago located within Ang Thong National Park, stands as another splendid destination. Part of Surat Thani Province, these islands are a pristine natural wonder, showcasing the diverse beauty of Thailand's seascape.

Koh Samui, granted municipal status, has become a hub of activity, visited by 2.7 million tourists annually. It's known for its vibrant atmosphere and events, most notably the full moon party, which attracts visitors from around the globe.

From Phuket to Samui by Bus/Minivan and Ferry

To travel from Phuket to Samui Island, there is no direct route available. You'll start with a bus or a private minivan journey from Phuket's New Bus Station to Donsak Pier near Surat Thani. Subsequently, a ferry will transport you to Nathon Pier on Koh Samui.

Nathon Pier serves as the primary hub on Koh Samui. It connects you to nearby destinations like Koh Tao and Koh Phangan. Both destinations are renowned for their exceptional diving locations and picturesque scenery. The pier area is equipped with tour desks, dining options, banks, and lodging for your convenience.

With a joint ticket, you'll cover both the bus or minivan and ferry segments of the journey.

From Phuket Town to Nathon Pier

At Phuket Town Bus Station, board a bus to Tapee Pier in Surat Thani. From there, a ferry will carry you to Nathon Pier on Koh Samui, with a joint ticket covering both legs of the trip.

From Phuket International Airport to Nathon Pier

For a quicker journey, you can opt to fly from Phuket Airport to Koh Samui Airport. If you choose to continue by land, after reaching Blue Canyon Phuket, you can transfer to another minivan or bus. It will take you to Tapee Pier in Surat Thani. From there, a ferry will complete your journey to Nathon Pier on Koh Samui, with a joint ticket provided for your convenience.

Best Time to Visit

Koh Samui has a climate that is warm and humid throughout the majority of the year. It offers a pleasant contrast to Phuket and southern Thailand, which are more prone to rain. February and March are the prime months for the best weather in Samui, ideal for sun-seekers.

From late December through to April, Koh Samui transforms into a vibrant paradise. It is the ideal period for a wide range of activities. During these months, the island basks in optimal weather conditions, making it perfect for enthusiasts of water sports. These months showcase Koh Samui's prime weather, with clear skies and mellow sunshine, perfect for all kinds of beach activities.

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