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Getting around Asia might seem like a bit of a hassle but with some research, it will turn out to be pretty simple. Chiang Mai has many means of transportation depending on where you are. If you prefer to travel by plane, Chiang Mai has an international airport that hosts a large number of flights both domestic and international from places all over the world like Singapore, Taiwan, Myanmar, Laos and of course Bangkok. You can also travel by train which is a popular option for travelers on a budget. One of the options is renting a... Подробнее

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Chiang Mai Information

Located 700 km north of Bangkok, is a mysterious land of colorful hill tribes, mystical mountains and a heaven for shopaholics. This land has many things to offer from cooking classes, Thai massages to tons of shopping opportunities and an amazing nightlife for the wild child inside you. Also, Chiang Mai has its own unique and delicious cuisine, with flavors representing its distinctive culture. It is a place of many sights to see and endeavors to take part in.

  • Bor Sang Village

    9 kilometers east of the old city, lies a beautiful village full of colors and hardworking people with a smile on their faces. Bor Sang is a great craft village that specializes in the making of paper umbrellas, it is well known for giving good quality crafts and it is distinguished by its beautiful floral designs. It is a place where raining isn't a problem, it is an opportunity to see all the colorful umbrellas, parasols, tiny cocktail umbrellas and many types of handmade products, which are all made of outstanding quality sa paper.

  • Chiang Mai Old City

    Chiang Mai Old City is basically a museum on every corner. The city is very small, which will allow you to travel the whole city on foot without getting tired and that will give you more time to see and enjoy the city's great scenery. Its compact streets are full of rich historical buildings, sacred temples, and shophouses. The highlights of the city are the amazingly holy temples that fill the city's streets. Among those temples are Wat Phan Tao, Wat Phra Singh, and Wat Chedi Luang.

  • Wat Phra That Doi Suthep

    Known as one of northern Thailand’s most sacred temples, Wat Phra That Doi Suthep is a beautiful temple overlooking the city, it is an amazing testament to northern Thai architecture. Every kid in Chiang Mai learns the tale of the legend who originally founded the temple. The temple is reached by a 306-step climb surrounded by naga which in English means serpents. The climb is to help the devotees of the temple gain merit. The temple is set on a mountain providing a beautiful view.

  • Chiang Dao Cave

    Stretching many kilometers in the mountains, having one of the most mesmerizing stalagmites and stalactite formations in Thailand. Legend says that it connects with several other caves. The cave is a part of the Doi Chiang Dao mountain range which is about 2,100 meters, formed due to the pushing up of the sea floor. The cave lighting is decent but as you move along the cave nothing will work, not even a flashlight, so it is better to hire a guide for these kinds of trips.

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