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Ко Крадан


Ко Крадан Information


The main jumping off point to Kradan island is Trang Town. At Trang Town you can book a combined minibus/longtail boat ticket to depart from the town and reach Kuan Thung Khu Pier, on the mainland you’ll get on a ferry boat for a one hour trip to Kradan. Koh Kradan doesn’t have an actual pier, the ferries wait offshore for the local longtail boats to transfer you to and from the island. You will get to pay a small cost for the longtail boat but don’t worry as it is very minimal. You can reach Kradan easily from several islands like the famous Koh Phi Phi from which the ferry departs from the island’s main pier “Tonsai Pier” to reach Kradan in around 2 hours by a speedboat. Coming from or going to Phuket, Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe, Koh Ngai, Koh Mook, or Koh Bulon? From all these islands you can find a suitable trip for you and your friends and family.

Koh Kradan Information

Koh Kradan is an island located off the coast of Trang Province, with a mesmerizing coral-sand beach. stretching between the emerald water of the Andaman Sea and the breathtaking green hills. Anyone who needs a quiet getaway can enjoy their stay at Kradan island, from solo backpackers to a group of friends on a vacation, to families enjoying their holidays, and to couples on their honeymoon, Kradan has something for everyone.

Koh Kradan Highlights

Ко Крадан Kayaking around Kradan

Kayaking around Kradan
Renting a kayak on the island is very easy as most of the resorts have this service and can rent you a kayak and you can pay either per hour or per day depending on how many hours you need. Kayaking is a very fun and useful activity, it can help strengthen your full body while enjoying an amazing view. Especially if you’re a professional paddler then you can reach Koh Mook which is 8 km away or discover the other surrounding islands.

Ко Крадан Emerald Cave

Emerald Cave
Tham Morakot or The Emerald Cave is accessible only by sea through a long 80 meters tunnel that you can cross by kayaking or by swimming, most visitors choose to swim across the tunnel to the other side of the cave. This beautifully hidden cave is located on the west coast of Muk island and the cave’s name “The Emerald” came from the reflection the sun makes in the water which creates an amazing turquoise, green, and emerald spectrum on the entrance.

Ко Крадан Jump Into a Hammock

Jump Into a Hammock
The water activities on the island can be very tiring especially when there is a strong sun, your body will need to chill in order to continue your day with full power, and nothing can be relaxing or can give you the boost you need more than jumping in a hammock and taking a long nap on the sound of the sea waves. For book lovers, reading your favorite book while swinging in a hammock can definitely have a different feeling.

Ко Крадан Snorkeling

Koh Kradan is known for its crystal clear water and the marine life which is filled with so many colorful fish which allows you to snorkel directly from the beach as there are already so many beautiful things to see just close to the beach, no wonder if you can go deeper! You can try snorkeling either in the south or the north of the island as you’ll experience a different joy and different things to see in each spot.

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