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Забронировать и сохранить Ко Самуи Пхукет

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From Koh Samui to Phuket


Island Hopping in Thailand: From Koh Samui to Phuket

Koh Samui and Phuket, Thailand's renowned island gems, are connected not just by the azure stretch of their surrounding seas. But by a network of transportation that caters to the adventurous spirit of every traveler. On the east coast, Koh Samui beckons with its tranquil blue waters and the majestic Big Buddha. Phuket, the largest island on the west coast, dazzles with its vibrant beaches. In Phuket, there are many bustling bus stations. They are ready to whisk visitors on day trips to the lush Phi Phi Islands or the serene Koh Lanta.

For the journey between these islands, one may embark on a combined bus and ferry service. It is a testament to Thailand's integrated transportation system. From Koh Samui, a ferry voyage sails through the glistening waters to Surat Thani. From there, bus services await to drive the long distance to the shores of Phuket Island. This route offers a glimpse of the National Park. It also paves the way to explore hidden enclaves like Koh Tao or the festive shores of Koh Phangan.

Ferry companies, renowned for their reliable services. They provide a seamless transition from sea to land. They ensure that the trip—although not direct—remains uninterrupted. Travelers might find themselves sharing tuk tuks with locals or fellow adventurers, adding an authentic twist to their journey.

From Koh Samui to Phuket by Plane or helicopter

Flying from Koh Samui to Phuket, either by plane or helicopter, provides swift and luxurious travel options but at a high environmental cost due to significant carbon emissions.

From Koh Samui to Phuket by boat and bus

The trip from one destination to the other cannot be done by one direct transport, this is why booking a combined ticket of both bus and boat is the optimal option. It is also a very good option for travelers on a budget.

From Nathon Pier to Phuket Town: Vichit

This route starts with an amazing ferry ride from Nathon Pier to Tapee Pier, in Surat Thani. Followed by a bus ride from Tapee Pier to Phuket Town. Both piers are fully equipped and ready to offer every passenger the best and safest traveling experience they could ever have in Thailand.

From Bangrak Pier to Phuket New Bus Station, Terminal 2

This trip is pretty similar to the previous one as it starts the same way with a ferry ride and ends with a bus ride, the differences are in meeting points as the ferry departs from Bangrak Pier (also known as Big Buddha Pier) to Donsak Pier and the bus departs from the pier and finishes off at Phuket New Bus Station, Terminal 2.

From Koh Samui to Phuket by bus/minivan and boat

This route is for travelers who like to have options as you get to travel by minivan or by bus, followed by a boat trip of course.

From Koh Samui Bus Terminal to Phuket New Bus Station, Terminal 2

This trip is different from the others as it requires 3 transportations. First, you take a minivan or bus ride to Nathon Pier from Koh Samui Bus Terminal. then ride a ferry right to Donsak Pier where you will find another bus or minivan transport to Phuket New Bus Station, Terminal 2.

Best time to visit

The ideal time to visit Phuket is between November and April. During this period, the weather is generally favorable, with sunny days and warm temperatures, making it perfect for beach activities and exploring the island. However, it's important to note that this is also the peak tourist season, so it can be crowded. The monsoon season in Phuket occurs from May to October, characterized by lower lodging prices. While the prices may be more affordable, travelers should be aware of potential risks such as dangerous water conditions and limited ferry and speedboat trips during this time.

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