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玛岛 Information


The isolated island of Koh Mak doesn’t skimp on transportation services. Driving is the simplest way to get around, you can rent a car from Bangkok, this trip has a duration of around four to five hours but you will get to see some of Thailand’s spectacular landscape whilst on the road.

The nearest city to Koh Mak is Trat, here, flights from Bangkok are arriving every day to its airport but for budget-conscious travelers, taking a bus from Bangkok is a good option. You will be dropped off at Trat Bus Station where all the taxis and Songthaews are waiting for you to take you to Laem Ngob Pier on the mainland, these have a price of 150 baht. In this pier, ferries are offering its services to take you to Koh Mak. These ferries also can take you from Koh Mak to the popular beaches of Ko Wai and Ko Chang. Continue scrolling to take a look at our ferry prices, departures, and book your trip with just a few steps!

Koh Mak Information

This unknown little island lies in Trat Province and it is part of the Ko Chang archipelago. Renting a scooter and getting lost at the cost of 27 kilometers is the best way to discover the island and its precious large white beaches. Koh Mak provides a serene atmosphere making it the ideal spot for travelers looking for some inspiration or the perfect place for families and couples who want a relaxing holiday. 

Koh Mak Highlights

玛岛 Koh Mak Beaches

Koh Mak Beaches
Making excursions around the nearby islands in Koh Mak is one of its must-dos, nevertheless, its own beaches possess a real charm. Starting with Ao Kao, being the most outstanding beach where most of the accommodations and restaurants are located, making it perfect for long walks and watching the sunset. Moreover, there’s Ao Suan Yai, this beach lies in the north of Koh Mak and its 2 kilometers of sandy beaches deserves a long contemplation while gazing at a magnificent panoramic view. 

玛岛 Roam Around

Roam Around
Sometimes we need to sacrifice the urban comfort to discover the enchanting natural beauty, and Koh Mak is the right place for that. Marvelous beaches in Koh Chang archipelago are just a speedboat ride away, but we encourage you to take a kayak and head to Koh Rang, which is an island perfect for spending the day and taking a dip in its crystalized waters. Crossing the channel you will discover Koh Kradat, this is an unusual island featuring wooden houses and freely running deer.

玛岛 Where To Eat

Where To Eat
Koh Mak has a wide range of restaurants and coffee shops. The main restaurants and bars area is located in Ao Kao, here you can find a diversity of international food as well as tasty Thai dishes. You can also enjoy a fresh coffee in the morning with an avocado toast, or fresh up with a smoothie during a hot afternoon. For a delightful dinner, many establishments offer a great variety, from grilled seafood to western cuisines with fantastic views of the island. 

玛岛 Chanthaburi City

Chanthaburi City
If you decide to travel to Koh Mak by a car from Bangkok, be sure to make a stop in the vivid Chanthaburi. Located just one hour from the pier that takes you to Koh Mak; this unique city is characterized by being the most Christian town in Thailand, yet, it has a wild nightlife, where you can enjoy bars and clubs for a low price, making it a perfect place to spend one night on your way to Koh Mak.

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