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Ao Sapporot Pier Information

Ao Sapporot Pier

Welcome to Koh Chang, a beautiful island in Thailand. Ao Sapparot Pier is a key place here. It helps people travel to other islands and explore the area. From Ao Sapparot Pier, you can go to islands like Koh Mak and Koh Kood. These islands are very beautiful and have a lot of things to see and do.

Near Ao Sapparot Pier, there are shops, restaurants, and markets. You can eat fresh Thai food and seafood here. The Yellow Bridge close to the pier is a famous place. It has great views and is good for walking and taking pictures.

Getting to Ao Sapparot Pier

If you are coming from Trat Airport, you can reach Ao Sapparot Pier by taxi or bus. It takes about 30 minutes. People coming from Bangkok might use Airport BKK and then travel to Trat Airport or directly to Koh Chang.

Exploring Nearby Beaches

From Ao Sapparot Pier, you can visit several beautiful beaches:

1. White Sand Beach: This is one of the most popular beaches. It has white sand and clear water. It is great for swimming and sunbathing.

2. Kai Bae Beach: This beach is quieter but very pretty. You can relax here and enjoy the view.

3. Lonely Beach: This beach is a bit more lively. Many younger travelers like it. There are bars and restaurants nearby.

Visiting Other Islands

Ao Sapparot Pier is also the starting point for trips to nearby islands:

1. Koh Mak: This small island is quiet and has beautiful beaches. It is perfect for relaxing and enjoying nature.

2. Koh Kood: This island is known for its clear water and white sand. It is great for snorkeling and diving.


Ao Sapparot Pier in Koh Chang is a place you should visit. It gives you a chance to see beautiful beaches and islands. You can enjoy local food, beautiful views, and friendly people. It is a good place to start your adventure in this part of Thailand.

LiVa Tips

1. Best Time to Visit: It is best to visit Ao Sapparot Pier early in the morning or late in the afternoon. This way, you avoid the hot sun.

2. Transportation: You can use local taxis, called songthaews, to move around Koh Chang. They are easy to find near the pier.

3. Eating: Try the seafood at the restaurants near Ao Sapparot Pier. It is fresh and tasty.

4. Activities: Walking on the Yellow Bridge near the pier is nice. You can see beautiful views from there.

5. Travel Tips: Use Ao Sapparot Pier to travel to other islands. It is easy and fun to go island hopping from here.

Address: Ao Sapparot Pier, Koh Chang, Trat Province, Thailand.


地址 : Ao Sapparot Pier, Koh Chang, Trat Province, Thailand.


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