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All You Need to Know about Nightlife in Koh Samui

All You Need to Know about Nightlife in Koh Samui
16 January 2018

Everyone knows that Koh Samui’s nightlife is among the best in Thailand and perhaps in the world. Everybody talks about the moon parties that attract many visitors all year round to party on the smooth sand until early hours. Young revelers feel attracted by the wealth and variety of clubs, discos, and beer bars. The variety of attractions and places is great in Koh Samui, alongside the offers of cheap whiskey, beer, and the famous gourmet restaurants.

We can find from mud wrestling ladies to boxing bouts as well as the transgender cabaret shows that are famous in the country. If you are really looking for a place to have fun or relax with a variety of things to do or see, you should visit Koh Samui beaches with the most entertaining spots to have a great vacation.

Best Nightlife in Chaweng

Let’s check out the three best places for the best night in Chaweng!

Chaweng is like Patong Beach for Phuket Island and its beaches' nightlife has all to entertain the keenest party animals or enthusiastic party goers. Chaweng Beach is the longest in Koh Samui and a really lively place during the day, but at night its face changes dramatically most in its central area with some popping night spots that we are going to describe as the most popular venues and areas to party until the sun rises in this bustling town from discos to transvestite cabaret to nice districts to chill-out bars everything to satisfy the party animals in an island that never sleeps.

Number one: Ark Bar

It is another Samui famous night bar that has been running for some few years. It has almost 150m wide beach-front providing its punters; food, drinks and of course, chill-out groove. Here you will party listening to the DJs’ latest mixes and mingle with visitors from around the world.

Ark Bar still attracts the tourists with its talented fire dancers, dining and dancing on the beach creates a relaxing atmosphere that draws children and families even at late hours at night.

Number two: Soi Green Mango

Soi Green Mango is like Phuket’s Soi Bangla or Bangkok’s Patpong.

It is an enchanting place, loudly even sassy, astonishingly compact, it is a place to visit, to know, to enjoy. The scantily clad girls in black singing a song will subconsciously invite you to come inside while you drift by. Soi Green Mango has been an institution of Chaweng’s nightlife for years. This road has been famous but has started to slip in the last years with the competence of Samui’s beach clubs. However, this club still has a lot to offer and will add a lot of excitement to your night.

Number three: Soi Reggae

Soi Reggae has a line of small beer bars with a band of friendly girls performing up-to-date music combined with pool tables. What makes Soi Reggae unique is the big, two-story Pub, the great live music, and the big dance floor that is usually full until late hours. The band plays the best of Bob Marley's music and many other famous singers until midnight then it's replaced by DJs who play techno music.

Visiting the bars at night in Koh Samui allows you to know and discover the gorgeous hidden beaches on the coasts of Koh Samui.

The Three Best Sunset Bars

Sitting in front of a beach while having a drink and observing the sand, the water, and the sun could be a really memorable experience. So, take a deep breath, feel the breeze, and watch the sun goes down into the horizon. Let’s check out some of the best bars to experience these moments!

Number one: Air Bar

Air bar belongs to the international resort Samui Baan Ngam.

It is a famous venue to delight yourself with a sundowner. It has a large wooden terrace to watch the sea with a panoramic view over islets and islands, this bar is set on a large wooden terrace overlooking the sea with stunning views like the horizon.

Here we can find delicious cocktails, snacks like sashimi and sushi as well as papas in a natural setting. You know quality frequently comes at Zanzibar price at intercontinental Samui resort.

Number two: Nikki Beach Samui

It is placed on the west coast on the wonderful Lipa Noi Beach of the island. It is the first high-end beach club resort on Koh Samui, and one of the best clubs to enjoy the stunning sunset from the cabanas and fabulous poolside loungers. This beach belongs to the Nikki Beach Resort Samui opened in 2009 and still maintaining the highest VIP chill-out beach experience. It is recommended to reserve beforehand.

It is located at a beautiful tropical spot on Taling Ngam. If you are looking for a pleasant dining experience; this is the perfect place, it is encircled by coconut trees, looking to the west, perfect to see the sunset with a wooden style decorated with thatch and bamboo.

Regarding the food, this restaurant offers both western and Thai influenced cuisine, traditional local seafood, and international seafood dishes.

Best Beach Clubs in Samui

In Koh Samui, there are plenty of beach clubs and beachfront bars and restaurants that make this Island among the favorite holiday destination in Thailand; along beach dining that is certainly a popular activity in the island that has been attracting thousands of people from all over the world. So, if you want to soak your feet in the soft sand, enjoy delicious food, and have the privilege to enjoy a drink gazing at the most astonishing view; you definitely should visit the best beach clubs in Samui with the best beaches and dining venues on the island.

There are many establishments situated all around the island each has its own unique vibe; whether a laid-back or a lively atmosphere, hip setting or rustic, western delicacies or Thai, in here, you will surely find something that satisfies your taste.

Number one: Ark Bar Beach Club

If you are looking for a lively, festive holiday and a dining night, you have to visit Ark Bar Beach Club and it will be your favorite place with 150m wide beachfront in Chaweng featuring all you need to spend a great time on the beach, imagine 300 rooms, three swimming pools, two restaurants, pool bars, energetic beach parties at night dancing to the rhythm of the DJs music, Thai and international delicacies and no less than 50 cocktails!

So, really if you want to experience an amazing beach party; visit Ark Bar Beach Club!

Number two: Nikki Beach Samui

This is a fashionable venue where you can find everything you are looking for on a great tropical beachfront from chic settings to delicious potent cocktails, to top-notch catering. This place has humbly described itself as “the sexiest place on earth” along the west coast of Samui with its long experience attracting jet-setters offering live performances, beach barbecues, fancy buffets, and more.

Number three: Beach Republic

It is a beachfront venue located in the northern area of Lamai; very elegant and stylish with its impressive modern architecture set on the swimming pool deck with direct access to the sand. In Beach republic, we can find modern Thai and international cuisine with a subtle mixture of flavors.

Here, you can enjoy live music with international and national artists and DJs as well as special shows organized on daily basis. Moreover, there is a great variety of entertaining shows like real-life escape games, in addition to the fine whiskey and cigar lounges and brunches. Something is always happening in this trendy and great venue.

Best Nightlife in Lamai

After Chaweng, Lamai nightlife scene features a great number of night entertainment options and of course, Lamai represents the second most famous resort town after Chaweng. The visitors can enjoy impressive numbers of great clubs and bars although this place is relatively small but lively and busy, nothing compares with Chaweng but it is similar. Here we can find great choices of places from trendy clubs to naughty but nice bars. They are all here to satisfy party goers on this gorgeous island.

Number one: Central Lamai Beer Bars Plaza

There is 2,000aqm plaza opposite to McDonald's hosting a dozen of beer bars right in the center of Lamai. In the middle of the plaza, there are some sporting dancing poles named Sexy Lady, Hollywood, The Super Girl Bar, Why Not. They play their own music at different volumes producing discordant sounds. These girlie bars attract a lot of visitors during the high season, and the competition is hard among this venues. Exclusively on Saturday nights, they present Lady Thai wrestling contests in the middle of the plaza free for everyone.

Number two: Swing Bar

It is a beachside place with swing chairs suspended by a rope, low tables and cushions facing the beach at Lamai. Imagine drinking your favorite cocktail or tasting another one from a series of exotic cocktails watching the nightly fire dances and parting on Friday night. In this great place, you can enjoy sandwiches, burgers, seafood, baguettes or Thai menu with your feet full of sand at a bamboo table on the beach enjoying a relaxing atmosphere.

Number three: Lava Lounge Bar

Lava Lounge is one of the best romantic and cultural bars in all Bali. By visiting this lounge; you will go on a unique Balinese adventure through the centuries due to its authentic vibe and artistic decor.

They always brew up great cocktails with a smile. Here you can choose from almost forty cocktails or a wine list while getting uplifted by the great music and rubbing shoulders with your punter friends. Lava Lounge is perfect for those visitors who are looking for a company or a good drink in an atmospherically lit bar sitting on a bamboo sofa with lava lamps all around.

Best nightlife in Bophut

If you want to spend a night or a cool evening with your friends drinking and chatting the night away in a relaxing friendly atmosphere, visit Boput that hosts good choices of great restaurants and bars far from the hustle and bustle of Lamai and Chaweng. In Bophut, you cannot find girlie bars and discotheques. Otherwise, it is a perfect, tranquil, and decent alternative, suitable for family and friends. In these places, you can find watering holes, most of them located in Fisherman’s Village that still retains a local and traditional touch in spite of the changes that have been taking part in the last 35 years.

It is located just outside of the Wharf Samui. Coco Tam's is a beach bar so popular where we can have fun chilling on the bean bags; and on the beach, on the cabanas and swinging seats.

This is the ideal place to relax with top night attractions. It is an open-air arrangement with a couple of palm-thatch building and a little garden that separates it from Bophut Beach Road. It looks like an easy going rustic bar with visitors dancing or moving on chill-out tunes.

Number two: Son F Beach

Probably Son F Beach is the most popular favorite hipster-style bar in Bophut because it offers special nights mostly on Fridays with a great selection of tasty cocktails that ranges from 150 to 520 baht with special offers; buy one get one free during the happy hour and enjoy homemade cakes or organic ice cream.

Number three: Karma Sutra in Bophut

It is a retro hippy chic unreserved place by the pier. Bordering both sides of the entrance to Fisherman’s Village, Karma Sutra has great sounds, thick Indonesian wooden furniture, and soft lights.

Here, you will be delighted by the design and décor of the place with a full menu and a French-style drink list and stunning views of the pier and sea.


What about Maenam? We are going to provide you with a list of the best spots to relax and have the best time there!

Maenam is a beach reputed for its relaxing tropical beachfront holiday style in contrast to Chaweng and the others. If you want to get rid of the hustle and bustle at night, red-light or discos, you should come to Maenam to enjoy a calmed peaceful environment. It has a unique nightlife trends with venues that satisfy all budgets and tastes; from great pubs for sports, pool games, and sophisticated lounge bars.

Number one: Black Rose Bar

Black Rose Bar is located towards the western end of Maenam Beach. It is a hidden beachfront gem with a classic beach bar built of recycled materials directed by a Rastafarian family-team visited by punters to enjoy the great moments by the beach drinking a cool sundowner or a delicious cocktail at a pool table or taste the Thai and international cuisines. It is an ideal place for a stress-free evening along with your partner or friends.

Number two: The Boudoir

It is a stylish restaurant and bar situated off Samui’s Ring Road. It has Arabian Middle Eastern décor and finishing. The boudoir is small and cozy, directed by a French couple, perfect for a romantic dinner or a great evening in the lounge drinking an excellent wine or cocktail. The Boudoir is popular for its excellent French cuisine. And please, reserve beforehand.

Number three: Zanzibar Beach Bar

It is a great beachfront restaurant situated 600m East of Maenam Walking Street. This is another restaurant that allows you to have dinner with your feet soaking in the sand. It features a small indoor dining area and an outdoor terrace.

In Zanzibar Beach Bar you are going to find a laid-back atmosphere and a wonderful sundowner spot with a Thai décor and finishing similar to those we can find all around Thailand coast. Budget wise; they are relatively affordable with Thai and international goodies and delicious cocktails. Zanzibar is a family-run-business directed and owned by Yuth, who is competent with a long experience in the industry.

Night Shopping in Koh Samui

Shopping in Koh Samui is not just limited to beautiful malls and boutiques. There are some quirky night places that would certainly delight you.

From local products to clothes, souvenirs, and jewelry, you can find tons of attractive stuff to fill your bags. But if you do not want to buy anything or shopping is not your favorite thing; walking along lines of colorful shops is one of the greatest local experiences one can have.

Every Friday evening, the town of Bophut becomes alive, through the walking street market. This weekly shopping fair cover various streets full of loads of stalls, buzzing with shoppers and street performers.

These stalls sell everything from handbags, jewelry, 100-baht t-shirts, sunglasses to the unique souvenirs. This walking road has a line of small stalls and boutique shops, and a whole section of the street is made up of food sellers, tiny bars and eateries to enjoy the one of a kind Thai food.

We wish you the most entertaining and wild night experiences that will always be part of your memories!