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Phangan Island


Phangan Island Information


Speedboat & Ferry travel is the premier way to get to Koh Phangan. Thousands of people make this trip, arriving from nearby islands Koh Samui and Koh Tao as well as the Surat Thani mainland. Although Phangan is a popular island destination at any time of the year, you'd not believe how full these trips get around the "Full Moon Party" periods - each speedboat & ferry gets filled to capacity, so it is really important to book early with us if you want to travel over this time. Koh Phangan's pier is called Thong Sala Pier, which is located on the southwest of the island not too far from the famous Ban Had Rin Beach. The ferry boats themselves carry between 180-300 passengers, all marvelling at the beauty of the views through the windows or from the outside decks, it's such an amazing seascape. The ferries are frequently safety checked and all carry the necessary sea safety equipments and lifejackets. And its good news for all of our customers, most of the ferry operators and pier staff are familiar with our customer service processes so its pretty much "plain sailing" for you from points A to B. Just check our Travel Tips page to make sure you're prepared, arrive to the pier about 30 minutes early, and make sure you have printed your trip E-ticket to present to the pier staff. They'll issue you with a destination sticker for the place you're next going to. We're sure you have read all about the amazing Koh Phangan, so all that remains is for us to wish you happy times and great, memorable experiences. Don't forget to keep in touch with us and send us a journal entry or two here or on our Facebook page.

Koh Phangan Information

Koh Phangan is a great little island sandwiched between Koh Tao (35km) to the north and the larger Koh Samui (15km) to the south. Phangan is the location of the notorious "Full Moon Party" on Haad Rin Beach, which attracts masses of partying backpackers who arrive from everywhere seeking the party of their lives! Yet Koh Phangan is about so much more than a wild party. It's a beautiful place, mostly unspoilt and full of tranquil natural beauty. Lots of people come for the serenity of Phangan, and you can find lots of wonderful little hotels, spas and retreat centres to relax and soak up the tropical ambience!

Phangan Island Full Moon Party!

Full Moon Party!

Crazy with a capital C! This is not your average party, it is completely wild. Haad Rin Beach becomes a sandy dance floor as a truly global gathering of backpackers and travelling party people dance and socialise the night away in the wildest possible way! is sure that two-thirds wake up the next day saying stuff like "what happened" and "where are we"! Yes, alcohol abounds (in sand buckets actually), and normal living is suspended. Our advice is BE CAREFUL (well we tried!). Actually, it does make sense to read up a bit about what to expect, because there are some cautionary notes to be found, but whatever you do, have a good time at the party in paradise!

Phangan Island Phangan Beaches

Phangan Beaches

Starting with the infamous Haad Rin Nok, which is the most popular beach complete with all the tourist amenities, this beach turns into a massive sandy dance floor on full moon party night and takes a while after to get cleaned up. Why not try Haad Rin Nai in the south, otherwise known as "Sunset Beach". To the southwest you'll find Ao Ban Tai and Ao Ban Khai, which are two long beaches with stunning sunset views. To the West there's Had Yao and Mae Had, which are beautiful, highly rated beaches with soft sand and great snorkelling conditions. Finally, to the East, there's the picturesque Had Yao and Thong Nai Pan, which are still so special and tranquil.

Phangan Island Natural Beauty of Phangan

Natural Beauty of Phangan

Koh Phangan is blessed with wonderful waterfalls and viewpoints if you are adventurous enough to venture inland. Check out the Domesila Viewpoint and then hike around 15 minutes to swim in the fresh waters of Phaeng Waterfall in the beautiful Phaeng National Park near Thong Sala Beach. There's also a viewpoint of the north of the island on a rocky viewpoint that's 30-45 minutes away-and-up from Haad Khuat (Bottle Beach). Many people enjoy a hike in Phangan along trail that leads between Haad Rin and Haad Tien, and if it's relaxing upon the ocean you'd prefer, then try a special little boat trip whilst enjoying the natural beauty of Ko Maa and other areas. 

Phangan Island Getting Around Phangan

Getting Around Phangan

It's relatively easy to get around Koh Phangan. Car or motorcycle taxis are available, or you could take a "songthaew", which is a small pickup truck with seats and a roof at the back that seats around 10 people. If you're feeling extra adventurous then how about renting a motorcycle so you have much more traveling freedom. If you're fairly inexperienced be extra careful. Phangan roads are not all smooth so beware the potholes, always wear your helmet and get some insurance coverage. Best cars for hire are definitely the four-wheel drive automatic cars that'll enable you to move effortlessly up and down the hilly landscape. 

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