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Ferry Destination : Ratchaprapha Dam

Ratchaprapha dam Transportation
Ratchaprapha Dam is located in Khaopang sub-district of Baantakhuun, Surat Thani province in Southern Thailand. Getting to the dam is no big deal and can be done in more than one way. If you are a plane traveler then the nearest airports for you are Surat Thani Airport, Krabi Airport, and Phuket Airport, then take a public transport to Khao Sok National Park's entrance. Train is also an option since that Surat Thani has a train station but you will have to follow it by a bus or similar transport to Khao Sok (trains are subject to... Read More

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Ratchaprapha Dam Information

Ratchaprapha or Cheow Lan Dam is a multipurpose dam; it is built for irrigation, electricity generation, flood control, and fishing. King Bhumibol Adulyadej gave it the sweet name “Rajjaprabha” meaning the light of the kingdom. The dam is 165 meters long and 95 meters high with clay core. Cheow Lan Lake has many visitors that come from all around the world to enjoy its beautiful scenery and serene water.

Ratchaprapha Dam Highlights

  • Fishing in Khao Sok Lake

    Fishing may teach you the precious trait of patience but fishing in Khao Sok Lake will additionally teach you how to fish in the true Thai way. Khao Sok Lake has an amazing collection of fish including common species like the rare cobra snakehead, mahseer, river catfish, the giant, the striped among others. You can bring your own rod or rent one at the pier, you will also get to learn the Thai way in luring and bait as well as picking the right spot. The lake is known for having calm waters and huge populations of fish.

  • Day Tours

    The park offers many one-day tours to the Cheow Lan Lake, providing you with a much deeper experience of both the park and lake. Some tours involve taking a boat and rowing your way through the incredible water while watching the amazing nature. If you want more than just a one day experience, you can rent a floating bungalow by the lake at various prices depending on the level of comfort. Renting a kayak is another activity that can be done in the waterways.

  • The Scenery

    The combination of both the Cheow Lan Lake and Dam make up a riveting scenery along with Khao Sok National Park's charm. The park has amazing flora that will capture your eyes in a way you have never seen before, nature there is to die for! With hundreds of rare and spectacular species that are well cared for and reserved. When you are there you won't turn away for even a second to take it all in and enjoy.

  • Wildlife

    The area surrounding the dam is full of rich wildlife. The thriving of the wildlife depends on its precious environment and in the park, it has the best environment it could need. A huge chunk of the land around the lake is specified as wildlife sanctuaries and protected habitats offering the animals a great shelter. Animals there include wildcats, elephants, many species of birds, reptiles, and exotic fish.

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