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Lanta Island Information

Koh Lanta is different, like an emerald of the Andaman (as it is fondly known among locals). Its an island of harmony and peace, you can feel it in the air, and see it in the way the local folks go about their days. Lanta is very popular with families, couples and travelling friends. Just 6km wide and 30km long, Lanta Island has such a cultural diversity that it can seem very Thai at one moment, then even European at others. You can find the most authentic Thai restaurant and then move location and sit in a French-style bakery. That's Lanta Island for you. And with the magnificent rugged terrain and fantastic beachscapes, this is really an island to enjoy!

  • Adventures in Lanta

    Lanta island is one of those islands that needs to be explored, there is a lot to see and experience that can only be discovered if you can get into adventure mode! So we recommend packing a water bottle, camera, suntan lotion and a hat, then getting out there into the island for a day or two of exploration. There are lots of great little coves, rural villages and nature spots to find, and if you're up to a bit of motorcycle riding, then you can hire a bike for around 200 Baht per day and go wherever the journey takes you. 

  • Authentic Old Town

    Lanta Old Town is a great authentic town with a great fishing harbour that is a joy to visit. It is one of those rare places that looks like it comes out of a long-passed era, with some great little wooden shop houses selling artifacts alongside the usual modern tourist stuff. There's also some really good restaurants that are sat on top of the sea, resting on strong wooden stilts that mean that you are eating right above the water. From the harbour, you can rent a boat by arrangement with a longboat sailor and go fishing or touring around the mangroves. 

  • Rich Island History

    The island has always been known for its mountainous terrain; the island was formerly known as "Palau-Sa-Tuk" which means "island long mountain range". The island's current name likely comes from the Javanese word "lantas" that is a type of grill for grilling fish. It would be appropriate, because Lanta Island is good fishing territory. The island's diversity is rich, so much so that the annual Lanta Laanta Festival celebrates the peaceful harmonious way that everyone lives together. Look into it, Lanta's got a great little history!

  • Stunning Caves

    Moving inland toward the heart of Lanta Island, there are some ancient caves to be found amongst the great limestone mountains of the island. These are spectacular structures that house ultra-interesting formations of stalactites and stalacmites that you can walk and kayak through with wonder. It's important to take tours with a guide but it's really cheap and good value. Make sure you dress correctly for caving trips - good footwear that grips and no long dresses or trousers, they'll get wet. The caves are definately worth a visit when in Lanta Island!

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