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Ferry Destination : Samui Airport

Samui Airport Transportation
Samui International Airport is well known for being one of the best looking and coolest airports in Thailand. It is located between Chaweng and Bophut beaches. There are different ways to reach Samui Airport. One of them is by private car or taxi, you can take a ride from many places including Bangoon, Bophut, Lamset, Taling Ngam and more. There is a less expensive option which is the minivan, that way you can share the cost of the minivan with a group. The last option is by ferry, the ferry is the best option as it is cheaper,... Read More

Ferry & Speedboat Schedule To Samui Airport

From Koh Phangan

Departing Arriving Travel Time Price
Koh Phangan
Thong Sala Pier
Samui Airport
Samui Airport
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Koh Phangan
Thong Sala Pier
Samui Airport
Samui Airport
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Ferry & Speedboat Schedule From Samui Airport

Samui Airport Information

Samui Airport Is a privately-owned airport on the island of Koh Samui built by Bangkok Airways in 1989.  The airport has a distinctive open-air design, packed with many indoor areas like the ticket office, gift shop, toilets and the VIP lounge area. It is the 7th busiest airport in Thailand having more than 1 million passengers annually. It consists of 2 terminals; the domestic terminal and the international terminal which is about 50 meters north of the domestic terminal.

Samui Airport Highlights

  • Samui Crocodile Farm

    Located in Bophut, behind the airport. This Farm is unlike any other as it is a crocodile farm, it features various types of crocodiles like Siamese, saltwater, caimans also the farm features other animals like monkey, lizards, snakes and more. The farm offers some shows with crocodiles and snakes, they even let you pet the crocodile but from its tail of course to avoid any mishaps. The snake shows are also dangerously fun featuring showmen using snakes as necklaces and it is the opposite experience of a crocodile show as this time snake enters the handler's mouth instead.

  • Samui Park Avenue

    Samui International Airport hosts a very cool dining and shopping area called Samui Park Avenue. You will have many choices of restaurants offering delicious food, really cool cafes to hang out as you wait for your next flight and plush boutiques containing many fashionable accessories and stylish pieces of clothing. It also includes a pizzeria, a pub, a Bookazine branch and a Jim Thompson shop and more. It also at certain times feature an impromptu live jazz music performance, entertaining for travelers waiting for their transit.

  • Samui Robot Group

    The Samui Robot Group shop is located right outside the Samui International Airport. It is a heaven for people who are interested in unusual artifacts or items that draw attention. The Samui Robot Group shop is a recycling shop that offers many out of this world items like fantastic Predator and Alien looking monsters. These monsters are built out of used motorcycle and auto parts, so this makes them environmentally friendly. The eclectic and eccentric shop opens from 8:30 to 19:30.

  • The Airport's Garden

    The Samui International Airport is known for being one of the most beautiful airports in the world. And attributing to its amazing reputation in the looks department is its colorful gardens. The gardens have a set of some plants and trees that you may have never seen before, and one tree instantly comes to mind which is the cannonball tree, you might be wondering where it got its name from well, you have to see for yourself and you will understand.

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