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Ferry Destination : Trang

Trang is located in the South of Thailand, and there are various ways to get to this beautiful province. If you’re departing from Bangkok, you’ll find that you have lots of options like flying to Trang Airport which is only 7km from the city center and offers multiple flights each day operated by Air Asia and Nok Air, flying to Trang is the fastest option as you will reach the airport in 60 to 90 minutes. Another option is by train, there are two daily train trips from Bangkok Railway Station to Trang Railway Station, and... Read More

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Trang Information

Trang is visited by thousands every year because of its beautiful forests, stunning secluded beaches, historical attractions, and adventures. It is one of the Changwat (provinces) located in Southern Thailand. In Kantang district, you can find the very first rubber tree planted in Thailand. Rubber saplings were brought from Malaya by the governor Phraya Ratsadanupradit Mahison Phakdi and were planted in Trang in 1899.

Trang Highlights

  • Visit Koh Kradan

    Koh Kradan is Trang’s most beautiful island. The water is clear that you can easily see the marine life from a small boat, the sand is white, and it is known as one of the venues for the world most famous underwater weddings! Yes, you heard me, you can have your wedding ceremony underwater while surrounded by the most breathtaking, colorful creatures, and a stunningly unique view.

  • Had Chao Mai National Park

    It is a marine national park covering Sikao and Kantang with a 20km coastline. You can kick back, enjoy the view, and relax on the park’s peaceful and beautiful beaches, explore the mangrove forests and the caves, or soak your body in Kuan Khang hot spring. There are plenty of activities to do and amazing things to see and experience in this breathtaking National Park.

  • Trang Vegetarian Festival

    Held every year around October, a traditional Chinese festival called Trang Vegetarian Festival. People dress in white and can’t consume meat and certain kinds of vegetables for 9 days and nights. They do this to bring good fortune. The spirits give blessings to the households, and they must light thousands of firecrackers, and perform supernatural feats to show the people that the spirits are in them.

  • Trang’s Food Festival

    From March to April, a food festival is held in Trang to promote the province’s most delicious dishes. Trang is known as the city of food lovers, and in this festival, the restaurants of the city offer various dishes at discounted prices. You can enjoy local food, Chinese, and seafood, aside with diverse forms of entertainment and, an eating championship.

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