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Ao Nang Information

Ao Nang

Ao Nang Bus Station on Ao Nang Beach, Across McDonald’s


Ao Nang is located in Southern Thailand. It is the ideal starting spot for travelers heading to the beautiful areas of Krabi Town and more. It is made possible thanks to the handy Krabi Bus Station. This lively place is perfect for anyone wanting to explore the region's amazing beaches, hidden islands, and lush natural scenery.


From Ao Nang, the journey to bliss begins at the local bus stations, gateways to destinations famed and secret. The Krabi Bus Terminal efficiently connects travelers from Nopparat Thara Beach to Krabi Town. Its dependable services make the journey between these two popular spots smooth and hassle-free. Here, adventurers can board long tail boats for scenic trips to nearby islands or the exquisite Railay Beach.

For adventure lovers, the tall cliffs of Tonsai and the beautiful Pai Plong Beach are waiting to be explored. These places are famous for their rock-climbing areas. People from all over the world come to climb here.

They offer exciting challenges. All this happens with beautiful nature all around. In contrast, tranquility seekers will find their haven on the soft, golden sands of Phra Nang Beach. Accessible by a brief yet scenic boat journey, it's the perfect place to unwind and soak in the peaceful atmosphere.

A bit further from the coastline, nature lovers can explore the abundant greenery of the nearby national park. This natural sanctuary captures the essence of wilderness in Southern Thailand, teeming with diverse flora and fauna.

It's a place where visitors can immerse themselves in nature, enjoy picturesque hiking trails, and maybe even spot some wildlife. If you love hiking, the national park is perfect for you. Even if you just like quiet, beautiful places, you'll enjoy it.

The park lets you meet nature up close. It's a wild experience you'll remember for a long time. Those looking to explore the Koh Phi Phi will find the boat from Ao Nang an ideal option. If you prefer the smaller Phi Phi Koh, you will also find a boat from Ao Nang. It combines transport with panoramic views of Southern Thailand's coastal beauty.

For a deep dive into the local way of life, taking a motorbike taxi is a great choice. It gives a unique and real view of everyday life in Ao Nang and Krabi. This transportation lets passengers experience the true pulse of these places, capturing the real spirit of the area's lively environment.


In essence, Ao Nang's bus stations transcend their roles as mere transit points. They work like the heart of many trips, pushing travelers through Southern Thailand's beautiful lands.

From these stations, travelers start their dream trips. They go to quiet, sunny beaches. Or they head to the busy life in Krabi Town.

Every place offers something different. Longtail boats, known for their unique shape, take people on sea adventures. They go to places like Koh Phi Phi Koh. There, the beautiful waters tell their own old stories.

Things to Know:

During the high season, it's wise to book your travels early to avoid disappointment.

A variety of amenities are conveniently located around the bus stations for any last-minute needs.

Always confirm the "baht per person" rate before starting your journey to ensure transparency.

While services typically run on time, be prepared for occasional delays and plan accordingly.

Don't hesitate to seek insights from locals—they're often the best source of hidden gems and practical tips.

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