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Ao Nid Pier Information

Ao Nid Pier

Ao Nid Pier: The Gate to Koh Mak and Koh Kood


Located on the beautiful and scenic island of Koh Mak, Ao Nid Pier is not only a pier. It plays a much more significant role. Think of Ao Nid Pier as your personal welcoming committee. It introduces you to two incredible destinations.The pristine beauty of Koh Mak, and the calm, serene allure of Koh Kood.

Acting as the main entry point for visitors to these two islands, Ao Nid Pier is like the first chapter of an exciting book. It sets the tone for a wonderful and unforgettable journey into the serene embrace of nature and the peaceful ambiance these islands have to offer. So, when you step onto Ao Nid Pier, know that you're stepping into the beginning of an adventure filled with natural beauty and tranquility.


As you alight from the ferry at Ao Nid Pier, you're greeted by the rhythmic sound of waves and the rejuvenating scent of the sea. Designed for a hassle-free transit from ferry to island, the pier acts as your window into two splendid realms. Adorned by vibrant greenery and caressed by clear blue waters, this pier not only offers panoramic views but invites you to immerse yourself in them. Whether it's the refreshing touch of turquoise waters or the soft embrace of sandy shores, nature's magic is palpable here.

Starting from Ao Nid Pier, your choices are abundant: lounge on the pristine Ao Nid Beach, where the seascape looks almost dreamy, or for those with a zest for adventure, ascend to the Viewpoint for a breathtaking overview of the islands.

It would be remiss to confine your explorations solely to Koh Mak. A brief nautical journey leads to Koh Kood, often reverently referred to as the "Island of Tranquility." Here, untouched shores, verdant jungles, and a laid-back lifestyle await, perfectly complementing your Koh Mak discoveries.


At Ao Nid Pier, it's not just about getting on or off a boat; it's about truly stepping into the splendor of nature. This place offers more than just a transit point – it presents you with a tapestry of natural wonders.

If you're someone who finds comfort in the embrace of lush green surroundings, or if you're an adventurer at heart looking for your next exciting island escapade, know this: Ao Nid Pier is the opening chapter of a story filled with moments you'll cherish forever. Here, every moment is the beginning of a memory waiting to be made.

Things to Know:

Koh Kood's pristine beaches beckon for moments of relaxation and peace.

Exercise patience; take the time to appreciate the distinct charm of each island.

The pristine clarity of Koh Kood's waters elevates snorkeling to an exceptional adventure.

Speaking a touch of Thai can enrich your interactions with the friendly locals.

Conservation is key: Both Koh Mak and Koh Kood are champions of eco-sustainability, ensuring their beauty endures.

Address : 60/1 Moo 1 Sudhidhanakul Rd., Ko Mak, 23120 Trat Province, Thailand.