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Bundhaya Speed Boat Information

Bundhaya Speed Boat

Koh Lanta, Koh Lipe and More with Bundhaya Speed Boat


Get ready for an amazing island adventure with Bundhaya Speed Boat – a big name in ferry services. Imagine shiny excellence coming from the clean and untouched shores of Koh Lanta. Bundhaya Speed Boat is like a bright guiding light in this world of ferry travel.

Yet, our role extends far beyond being a mere mode of transportation. Think of us as the creators of an all-encompassing and captivating journey. We smoothly bring together the exciting aspects of exploration and the joy of connecting with others. And while we're at it, we also introduce you to the incredible and unmatched luxuries of Bundhaya Resort.

Picture the ocean's tides, moving in a calm and rhythmic dance, almost as if they're softly sharing a secret with you. Imagine the ocean's tides softly whispering secrets, much like a hushed and gentle murmur. It's as if they're unveiling the enigmatic charm of new and untouched lands that are eagerly expecting your presence.

Imagine the ocean's calm waves, gently inviting you to join us on our boats – the Bundhaya Ferries. It's like a friendly gesture, just like when someone holds the door open for you, welcoming you with open arms. We're excited for you to step into a world where amazing adventures await.

It's not just an average invitation – it's heartfelt and sincere. Imagine walking through that door and finding a world filled with great moments. This adventure is truly special, like nothing you've experienced before. It's like a magical spell that's completely unique.

By doing so, you become an integral part of an adventure that is truly unparalleled and unique in its nature. It's a journey unlike any you've ever taken before, filled with excitement and new experiences.

In the world of Bundhaya Speed Boat, you're not just a regular passenger stuck on a boat. You're not just a regular traveler, but an important piece of a fascinating tale that unfolds with each wave's dance. Think of our team as a group of highly skilled and experienced individuals who are experts at creating amazing journeys.

They take great care to plan every detail of your trip, paying close attention to make sure everything is just right. It's similar to how artists create masterpieces, putting their heart and soul into every stroke of the brush. The goal is to ensure that your journey is not only exceptional but also leaves a lasting imprint in your memory.

We take care of you like a warm hug, ensuring you're cozy and comfortable in a world of incredible luxury. Imagine getting wrapped up in the softest, most indulgent blanket you can imagine.

You can have a great time exploring new places and feeling happy about it. It's also really exciting to travel between different islands. And at Bundhaya Resort, you can have a lot of fun trying out all the amazing things they offer. It's like a big bundle of happiness and excitement all wrapped up together.

Imagine it like having a basket full of really fun experiences, just waiting for you to enjoy them. It's like a special treat that's all yours to savor and have a good time with. We combine all these elements of your adventure to provide you with a very special experience. It's like a treasure chest filled with amazing moments, deep emotions, and a strong sense of connection.

Imagine a journey where the lines between what's real and what's like a dream become fuzzy. It's like you're the main character and also watching the story unfold. This happens against a backdrop of beautiful blue seas and stunning horizons that take your breath away. When the sun's golden light touches the calm waters, it's like a warm hug. At that point, you represent the adventurous attitude that has encouraged people to explore unknown areas for a long time.

When the waves touch your boat, they bring history from the past. As you travel across the ocean, you become a part of a story that doesn't have any specific connection to time or place. As you get ready for this big adventure, keep in mind that you're not just a passenger. You're someone brave who explores, looks for amazing things, and takes charge of your own story. With Bundhaya Speed Boat leading the way, get ready to sail into the unknown. It's a place where the sea's ripples hold secrets, and each new horizon brings a fresh story of wonder and excitement.

Mission and Vision:

Bundhaya Speed Boat's mission is deeply rooted in connecting you with the peerless allure of Thailand's islands. Our pledge is to provide maritime journeys that transcend mere transportation, weaving safety, comfort, and memories into every voyage.

Our vision extends beyond ferry services – we strive to be a holistic gateway to island discovery. We have a reputation for providing exceptional service, always being dependable, and showing a strong commitment to taking care of the environment. Our goal is to make sure that each journey becomes a special and important experience that brings positive changes to you.

Company Services:

We have carefully crafted a comprehensive array of services to transform your island dreams into a living, breathing reality. Bundhaya Speed Boat makes your time on the boat even better by offering comfortable things for you. Plus, we have a great crew who are fully dedicated to making your journey memorable.

Island Adventures: We give you the chance to discover great places, beginning with the beaches of Koh Lanta and other lovely islands.

Easy Booking: Our simple online system makes it really easy to reserve your spot. You can choose where you want to go and plan an amazing adventure effortlessly.

Safety and Peace: We have experienced people on our crew to make sure your trip is safe and peaceful. This mix of safety and calmness helps you make memories that will stick with you, feeling sure about it.

Championing the Environment: Bundhaya Speed Boat's commitment to preserving Thailand's pristine islands is unwavering. We employ eco-conscious practices, ensuring your exploration leaves no mark but memories.

Key Features:

Velocity Redefined: Experience the thrill of high-speed travel with our state-of-the-art Bundhaya Ferries.

Luxury Afloat: Indulge in modern amenities and spacious seating, elevating your comfort quotient on the waves.

Expert Maritime Craftsmanship: Our seasoned crew is dedicated to your safety and satisfaction, amplifying your travel experience.

Coastal Enchantment: Immerse yourself in the awe-inspiring beauty of coastal vistas that accompany you on your voyage.

At a Glance: Explore the Destinations We Operate

Koh Lanta Bliss: Experience the magic of Koh Lanta's stunning beaches and vibrant culture. Please click here for further details.

Explore Koh Lipe Haven: Immerse yourself in the allure of Koh Lipe's turquoise waters and vibrant culture. Dive into this island sanctuary where stunning nature and local vibrancy combine for a memorable experience. Please click here for further details.

Discover Phuket Magic: Uncover the enchantment of Phuket's diverse attractions and lively atmosphere. Embark on a journey to this vibrant island, where modern amenities and rich traditions coexist in harmony. Please click here for further details


Bundhaya Speed Boat wants you to join a great journey of exploring. Along the way, you'll find beauty and moments you won't forget. We'll be with you as you discover islands and change how you see travel.

Begin your island adventure now. It's the start of a journey that you'll remember for a long time.