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Center Point Pier Information

Center Point Pier

Center Point Pier: Koh Chang's Gateway to Tropical Wonders


In the heart of Koh Chang, Center Point Pier beckons travelers from all corners. With its perfect location and myriad of experiences, this ferry koh chang pier stands as an oasis of exploration and relaxation.


Center Point Pier sits beautifully in the heart of Koh Chang. It's a welcoming spot, greeting everyone who visits with warmth and charm. Overlooking vast waters, its panoramic sights of distant islands are nothing short of captivating. Far beyond a simple dock, it’s a space to breathe in the island's aura, dive into adventures, and weave memories.

From Center Point Pier, you're steps away from the beautiful underwater sights of Koh Chang. People who enjoy snorkeling can dive in and see many colorful fish and corals. Under the water, there's a whole world full of life and colors waiting to be explored.

For those who wish to bask in nature's grandeur, the pier gifts unparalleled sunset views. A canvas of gold, orange, and pink awaits; a visual treat for photographers and nature lovers. Steps from the pier lies the shimmering White Sand Beach. Its soft sands beckon for leisurely walks, playful dips in the water, or tranquil moments under the palms.

In contrast, the spirited Lonely Beach thrums with life. Its unique energy draws travelers, offering beach games, explorations of hidden spots, and tantalizing local dishes at quaint stalls.

Yet, the adventures aren't just confined to Koh Chang. With Centrepoint Pier serving as your hub, destinations like Koh Mak and Koh Kood are but a ferry ride away.

Foot passengers can easily purchase ferry tickets, and services like make every journey seamless. And for those arriving from Trat airport, shared minibus services conveniently link to the pier.

And, if you’re seeking a touch of luxury close to the pier, Grande Centre Point is the answer. This nearby resort promises comfort and opulence, with amenities that turn a stay into an experience. Whether it's spa sessions, poolside relaxation, or gourmet feasts, it's a luxury at every corner.


Center Point Pier stands as a beacon in the heart of Koh Chang. With its picturesque location by the sea, it invites travelers from all walks of life. Here, visitors can relax, dive deep into the island's rich culture, or kick off exciting water adventures. This pier is more than just a dock; it's the starting point for countless Koh Chang stories and memories.

Things to know:

Thammachat Pier is another main dock for people going to Koh Chang.

Regular ferry services from Laem Ngop make island hopping from Centrepoint Pier easy.

Local eateries near the pier serve an authentic taste of Thai delicacies, especially fresh seafood.

For a stress-free journey, consider shared minibus services directly from Trat airport to the pier.

Always book ferry tickets in advance during peak seasons to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Address : Koh Chang, Koh Chang District, Trat 23170.