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Chakrabongse Road - Thai Sriram Office Information

Chakrabongse Road - Thai Sriram Office

Chakkaphong Road: The Thai Sriram Travel Center


Chakkaphong Road and Thai Sriram together show how travel can be easy and grand at the same time. Chakkaphong Road starts in the heart of vibrant Bangkok and offers beautiful views of Thailand. If you go north, you'll reach the peaceful city of Chiang Mai. But if you head south, you'll discover the sparkling islands of Thailand.

When you travel with Thai Sriram, you can be sure that they really know what they're doing. When one adventure ends, Bangkok's bustling avenues welcome travelers back. It's essential to recognize that every journey isn't just about the endpoint but the experiences. With Thai Sriram, these narratives radiate with unparalleled brilliance.


Chakkaphong Road is not merely a road. It's a portal to discovery. This road is lined with colorful shops and tasty food stalls. The lively vibe of Bangkok makes it stand out and feel special.

Bangkok thrives with history and energy. Every corner has a story. The temples, markets, and streets welcome visitors to dive into the local culture.

Thai Sriram sets the standard in travel. Linking Bangkok with places like Chiang Mai, Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Hua Hin, they guarantee remarkable and seamless journeys. Chiang Mai, the "Rose of the North," delivers a balance of culture and peace, contrasting with Bangkok's fervor.

Koh Samui, a gem of the tropics, tempts with pristine beaches and azure waters, becoming a sanctuary for relaxation. Koh Phangan, famed for its full moon festivities, also boasts a lot of serene shores and verdant vistas. Hua Hin adds a regal flavor with its renowned royal palace, presenting a coastal haven steeped in nostalgic allure.

Thai Sriram is not just a transportation company. Thanks to Mr. Suthep Srirama's ideas, people know them for their great service. Thai Sriram has made traveling easier for tourists.

They have a pick-up spot close to the well-known Khao San Road. Additionally, they've set up another location at the Bangkok Tourist Terminal. These locations show their dedication to catering to the needs of travelers.

In the dance of travel, Chakkaphong Road and Thai Sriram move in harmony. From Bangkok, Thai wonders beckon in every direction. If you want to explore the peaceful north or the sunny southern islands, Thai Sriram makes your journey smooth.

As each escapade concludes, Bangkok's dynamic streets greet anew. It's not just the destinations but the stories acquired along the way.

Things to Know:

Proximity to Khao San Road makes Chakkaphong Road a prime spot for backpackers.

Thai Sriram buses are renowned for their timeliness and coziness.

It is imperative to visit Bangkok's temples, particularly those in proximity to Khao San Road.

The adjacent Chao Phraya River offers a unique vista and is perfect for cruising and seeing Bangkok from the waterside.

The Bangkok Tourist Terminal pick-up adds a layer of convenience for shoppers and entertainment seekers.

Address : 169 Chakkaphong Road, Chanasongkram, Khet Phra Nakhon, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10200.