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Chiang Mai Arcade 2 Information

Chiang Mai Arcade 2

Chiang Mai Arcade 2 = Chiang Mai Bus Terminal 2


In the middle of Bangkok, there's a famous spot for catching buses called the Northern Bus Terminal. Most people know it as the Chiang Mai Bus Terminal. The bus station is located near major train stations. It's a hub with ATMs, Thai food courts, shopping outlets, and even massage parlors, ready to serve every traveler's needs.


Chiang Mai is a major cultural center. Not far away, the forests of Chiang Rai hold a wealth of natural and historical treasures. The area surrounding Chiang Mai Arcade 2 is a hive of activity.

The sound of tuk-tuks, the buzz of local buses, and the scent from cafes create a dynamic atmosphere. Convenience stores ensure travelers can easily obtain snacks or last-minute travel items. Options for more substantial meals and relaxation, like massages, are also plentiful.

Inside the Arcade Bus Terminal, there's an information counter that can help you. Here, people can gather information about bus services, departure times, and even organize trips to the Phuket Bus Terminal. The station has buses from many different companies such as Sombat Tour.

Ticket counters stand near areas designated for seating. The waiting area may become warm due to the absence of air conditioning. But, there are ATMs and little shops both inside and outside the terminal. There are also restrooms, but it's a good idea to bring your own toilet paper.

You can take a bus from Chiang Mai to several places. Backpackers love going to Pai, while Mae Hong Son has peaceful valleys, and Udon Thani is a busy city. For some trips, you should book your bus ticket at least three days before you plan to leave.

People who love adventure enjoy the trip from Chiang Mai to Pai because of the beautiful views along the road. The journey, though long-distance, is a gateway to Northern Thailand's natural beauty. In contrast, a trip to Phang Nga offers a different charm with its stunning coastlines. Both destinations showcase Thailand's diverse landscapes and promise memorable experiences.


Chiang Mai Arcade 2, known as Bus Terminal 2, is not just a station; it's the commencement of memorable journeys. From the energetic streets of Bangkok to the peaceful nature of Mae Hong Son, this terminal is the ideal launchpad. The diverse bus routes available at this terminal provide travelers with the freedom to explore a rich array of destinations. With its comprehensive services offered by various minivan and bus companies, it summarizes Thailand's efficient public transportation system.

Things to Know:

The terminal connects a large range of cities and tourist attractions.

People often look for minivan services, especially the ones going to Pai.

Taxi services facilitate easy transitions upon arrival.

For immediate refreshments or travel essentials, the terminal's convenience stores offer a well-stocked selection.

Due to its facilities, Chiang Mai Arcade bus station 2 is a top choice for travelers in Northern Thailand.

Address : Soi Kaeo Nawarat 5, Tambon Wat Ket, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50000, Thailand.