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ChumphonTrain Station Information

ChumphonTrain Station

Chumphon Train Station: Amazing Train Services!


The Chumphon Train Station is located in the heart of Chumphon City, specifically within the Tha Taphao area. Its strategic location makes it a prominent access point for travelers and locals alike, connecting them to various popular destinations in Thailand. With its close proximity to essential amenities and transportation links, the station serves as a bustling hub for those wishing to embark on train adventures across the country.

Managed by the State Railway of Thailand, this station is the place where most train adventures start, especially if you're coming on a train from Bangkok. It's on the southern line, so it's easy to get to some of the most popular train routes in Thailand from here.


One of the most appreciated features of Chumphon Train Station is the transparency in ticket price, ensuring travelers can budget accurately for their journeys. To further facilitate a smooth travel experience, passengers are encouraged to purchase their ticket in advance. This not only secures a spot on their desired train but also provides peace of mind, eliminating the stress of last-minute bookings and potential price hikes during peak times.

This station is more than just a spot to catch a train; it's where many exciting trips across Thailand begin. Want to visit Hua Hin? Or maybe take a long ride on the southern line? Or even head to the beautiful island of Koh Tao? This is your starting place.

If you like sleeping comfortably on your trip, Chumphon Train Station has sleeper train options for you. This way, you reach your destination feeling fresh and excited.

The station makes life easy for travelers. You can buy train tickets online, see train times, and even book online. This means you can plan your train trip without any stress. Whether you book your ticket before you get to the station or decide once you're there, Chumphon Train Station is ready for you.


Ready to ride trains in Thailand? Start at Chumphon Train Station. Whether you want to see the views on the southern line, visit places like Hua Hin, or go to the island of Koh Tao, this station is your first stop. Thanks to easy online booking and buying tickets, traveling by train is super simple. So, when you want a wonderful train experience in Thailand, hop on at Chumphon Train Station and enjoy your journey!

And remember, if you're going to Padang Besar or another place, this station makes your train trip smooth and fun. Hop on and get ready for a fantastic adventure!

Things to Know:

Chumphon Train Station is run by the State Railway of Thailand.

It's where trains from Bangkok begin.

You can easily travel to favorite spots like Hua Hin, Padang Besar, and Koh Tao.

Buy your train tickets online to make things simple and see train schedules.

Booking your ticket early makes your trip even smoother.

Address : Tha Taphao, Mueang Chumphon District, Chumphon 86000, Thailand.