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Hat Yai Train Station Information

Hat Yai Train Station

The Gateway to the South: Hat Yai Train Station Awaits


Nestled in the heart of Hat Yai, the Hat Yai Train Station stands as a testament to connections and cultural intersection. It is a cornerstone of the State Railway of Thailand, the national train service. This bustling junction offers travelers a gateway to explore the diversity of Thailand's southern provinces such as Songkhla Province.

The Hat Yai Junction Railway Station is your starting point to a memorable journey across majestic landscapes and cities.


This pivotal hub is not just about transit. It's a portal to adventures. You can discover Surat Thani's lush vistas.

Or enjoy the beauty of islands like Koh Lipe. Or you can experience the urban allure of Kuala Lumpur.

This extensive station is equipped with six platforms. There are amenities such as an information desk, ticket counters, nearby ATMs, and two distinct toilet facilities.

The toilets offer shower access. Platform 1 entices with its array of eateries, retail stores, and genuine local food stalls. The expansive waiting area, though not air-conditioned, compensates with generous seating options.

Venturing from Hat Yai Train Station unveils a world of travel possibilities. In Hat Yai city, getting around is a breeze. Right when the Southern Line intercity trains pull in, you'll find taxis, vans, and motorbike taxis.

They are ready and waiting to take passengers wherever they need to go. It's a hassle-free way to move from the train station to your next destination!

Anticipate fares ranging from 40 to 60 THB for trips to the Hat Yai Bus Station. Further explorations require a minivan or bus, primarily departing from the bus station, a brief 2.9 km journey away. Yet, some services conveniently leave from the city center, including routes to Penang and Kuala Lumpur. Even more convenient are the direct bus services to exotic destinations like Koh Lipe, departing right from the station.

Trains at Hat Yai Train Station weave a network between diverse destinations. Routes to Bangkok immerse passengers in metropolitan vibes, while Chumphon is synonymous with coastal allure. Journeys toward Hua Hin promise an encounter with a regal resort city.

Trains going to Kuala Lumpur promise a mix of different cultures. Those heading to Surat Thani offer a path to beautiful islands and nature in the Gulf of Thailand.

Exploring the areas surrounding Hat Yai presents visitors with a trove of natural and cultural gems. First on your list should be the serene Songkhla Lake, the largest natural lake in Thailand. Not only is it a visual marvel, but the lake is also a vital fishing resource for locals.

A trip to Sungai Kolok, bordering Malaysia, offers a unique experience. This bustling town is a blend of cultures and a shopping paradise. Don't miss the opportunity to hike up Tang Kuan Hill, also known as Khao Tang Kuan.

At its summit sits a sacred Buddhist shrine, adding a spiritual dimension to its natural beauty. These sites, each offering distinct experiences, beautifully encapsulate the diversity and charm of the Hat Yai region.

Exploring around Hat Yai is exciting, especially when you find places full of stories and different cultures. One such place is Padang Besar. It's a town right on the edge where Thailand meets Malaysia at Padang Besar. Here, two countries' ways of life come together, making it a special spot to visit.

You can learn a lot about the area's past and present just by being here. It's a great way to see more of what makes this part of the world unique. The region also holds remnants from the time of the Imperial Japanese Army's presence during World War II. If you love peaceful natural spots, you'll enjoy Samila Beach.


The Hat Yai Train Station emerges as more than a pivotal transport link. It's the heartbeat of Hat Yai city. It is an emblem of the journey itself, and a melting pot of cultures, destinations, and experiences.

Things to know:

Plan ahead and book train tickets early during peak travel seasons to ensure a hassle-free journey.

Keep a close eye on personal belongings, as the station can get quite crowded.

Savor authentic local flavors at the food stalls located within the station.

Having a translation app or basic Thai phrases can be helpful.

Address : Hat Yai, Hat Yai District, Songkhla 90110.