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Hua Lamphong Railway Station Information

Hua Lamphong Railway Station

Hua Lamphong Railway Station: Bangkok's Historical Jewel


Bangkok, with its bustling streets and vibrant energy, houses an iconic structure in the Pathum Wan District. This grand edifice is none other than the Hua Lamphong Railway, more commonly referred to by locals as the Lamphong Railway Station.

Why is this station so special? Firstly, its design. It's adorned with the Italian Neo-Renaissance style, which means it looks like something straight out of a vintage Italian postcard, with its majestic arches and ornate decorations.

But it's not just about looks. The station holds a significant place in Thailand's transportation story. It's a big part of the State Railway of Thailand or SRT as many call it. The SRT has been ensuring that Thais and tourists alike can travel across the vast nation for many, many years. Hua Lamphong is like an old storyteller, recounting tales of Thailand's rich railway past every day.

And, right beside this age-old station, you'll find something a bit more modern: the Hua Lamphong MRT Station. The MRT is an underground train system that zooms people across Bangkok in no time.

So, when you're at Hua Lamphong, you're standing at a unique spot where the old and the new come together. The traditional trains of the SRT and the modern MRT trains live side by side. It's a beautiful blend of Thailand's past and present, making the Lamphong Railway Station a must-visit spot for anyone in Bangkok.


In the vibrant city of Bangkok, there's a special place that has seen countless hellos and goodbyes over the years. This place is the Hua Lamphong Train Station. For many, when they think of a train station in Bangkok, this iconic spot comes to mind.

Positioned in a central spot in the city, Hua Lamphong isn't just any train station. It's the Bangkok railway station where many travelers begin and end their journeys. Its grand structure, with intricate designs influenced by the Italian Neo-Renaissance style, makes it stand out. You can spot its beautiful arches and detailed artwork from a distance.

But Hua Lamphong isn't just about its pretty looks. This station plays a big role in how people move around. It's like the heart of Bangkok's railway system, pumping life and connecting various parts of the country. Whether you're looking to travel to the northern mountains, the southern beaches, or the eastern jungles, chances are you'll step into Hua Lamphong at some point.

What's more, while waiting for your train, you can find little shops to buy snacks, or just sit and watch as people from all walks of life cross paths. Some might be on a holiday adventure, while others are returning home or going on a business trip.

In short, Hua Lamphong is more than just a train station in Bangkok. It's a place of stories, connections, and a testament to Bangkok's rich transport history. If you're in Bangkok, take a moment to visit. Who knows, you might just catch a glimpse of the many tales the station has to share.

Inside, the air-conditioned station ensures comfort for travelers even during the hottest days. The ticket counter, always busy, is where numerous journeys commence. From here, you can get tickets for the revered Eastern and Oriental Express, among other train services.

The Chao Phraya River's proximity to the Hua Lamphong adds another dimension to this station's charm. After disembarking from their trains, many travelers head to the river for scenic boat rides, combining the best of land and water travel experiences.

The recent inauguration of the Krung Thep Aphiwat Central Terminal has added another layer to Bangkok's railway narrative. While this new addition has shifted some of the traffic, Hua Lamphong continues to be a bustling hub, especially for those connecting to the MRT stations.

The southern line of the Thai Railway, accessible from Hua Lamphong, offers a direct route to places like Surat Thani. Conversely, the northern line can take you to cooler mountainous regions, showcasing the railway's extensive reach.


Hua Lamphong Railway Station remains an essential piece in the intricate puzzle of Bangkok's transportation system. With its historic charm, the integration of modern amenities like air conditioning, and connections to both Thai Railway and MRT stations, it promises a comprehensive and comfortable travel experience. Whether you're planning to explore the city's waterways by the Chao Phraya River or venturing farther to Surat Thani or the northern regions, starting your journey at Hua Lamphong guarantees a memorable experience.

Things to Know:

Chinatown: A stone's throw away, this bustling area offers an immersive cultural dive.

Wat Traimit: This temple, housing the world's largest golden seated Buddha, stands near Chinatown's entrance.

River Trips: The nearby Chao Phraya River provides boat tours showcasing Bangkok's landmarks like the Grand Palace and Wat Arun.

Bangkok's Museums: Museums like the Bangkok National Museum and Museum Siam offer deep dives into Thai history.

Shopping: Prominent malls like MBK Center and Siam Paragon are easily accessible from Hua Lamphong via the train network.

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