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Khao Sok National Park Information

Khao Sok National Park

Khao Sok National Park Collection Point


The Khao Sok National Park is nestled amidst the verdant landscapes of Surat Thani Province. It serves as more than just a gateway to nature's wonders. Its convenient location has also transformed it into a bustling hub for travelers. At your hotel, or at the national park's main entrance, there are trusty buses and vans ready for you. They're there to help with your trip. They ensure you have a smooth journey, no matter your starting point. With frequent departures, these vehicles effortlessly bridge Khao Sok with Thailand's iconic destinations like Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao. Good transportation helps travelers move easily. Whether you're going to the mountains or the islands, you can get there smoothly. It's designed to make the switch from one experience to the other smooth for everyone.


Khao Sok National Park, nestled deep in the Surat Thani Province, is a testament to Thailand's pristine beauty. As you enter, Cheow Lan Lake, with its mirror-like reflections, greets you. The lake's vast expanse showcases nature in its most breathtaking form. The limestone mountains, iconic of the region, rise majestically, punctuating the horizon. This park is where the secrets of the wild resonate with every step.

Khao Sok is not merely a park; it serves as a gateway to nature's profound mysteries. Within its boundaries, it houses a critical transport junction, allowing you to venture into other parts of Thailand effortlessly. From here, the Gulf of Thailand’s jewels - Koh Samui, Koh Phangan, and Koh Tao - await your exploration. These are not merely destinations; they represent individual chapters in a distinct narrative of exploration.

Khao Sok National Park can be described as nature's canvas. The limestone mountains stand tall, their peaks hidden in the mists. Cheow Lan Lake, also known as Ratchaprapha Dam, sits serenely in the park's heart. A boat ride here, especially on traditional longtail boats, feels like traversing through a dreamscape.

The flora and fauna in the park are rich and varied. Wild animals make their presence known with distant calls and fleeting glimpses. Staying overnight in Khao Sok offers an immersive experience. The floating bungalows in Khao Sok are a must-try, providing a harmonious blend of nature and comfort.

Khao Sok Village, situated near the national park, is a cultural mosaic. In this realm, the age-old traditions of Thailand vividly spring to life. The village streets hum with activity. Artisans crafting, the fragrant allure of Thai cuisine in the air, and the promise of stories untold.

A stay in Khao Sok is an immersion into nature's vast tapestry. Beyond the daytime explorations, the magic amplifies as dusk settles. Here, the symphony of the wilderness comes alive, with distant animal calls echoing through the verdant canopies. Lodging offer a harmonious blend of comfort and raw nature. It ranges from eco-friendly lodges to enchanting floating bungalows on the Cheow Lan Lake. The mornings are a spectacle, with the sun peeking through limestone mountains and the chorus of wildlife greeting the dawn. The essence of a stay in Khao Sok is not just about a place to sleep. It is an opportunity to connect and become one with Thailand's wilderness.

For the adventurous, Khao Sok becomes a base for many thrilling exploits. Bamboo rafting, offered at the village, lets you float on nature's very essence. When evening falls, the park is a different realm. Embarking on a night safari here delves deep into the enigmatic core of the wilderness.

But beyond Khao Sok’s borders, the Surat Thani Province is filled with wonders. Ko Samui, sitting proudly in the Gulf of Thailand, is a palette of experiences. Golden sands extend a heartfelt embrace to each visitor. On Koh Samui, the very heart of the island resonates with a fervent and unyielding rhythm. Ancient temples like the Wat Phra Borommathat Chaiya stand as silent witnesses to Thailand's storied past. Each nook and cranny of Ko Samui murmurs the stories and legends from bygone eras.

Koh Tao, often referred to as Turtle Island, stands out as a radiant jewel among Thailand's numerous islands. Beneath its shimmering blue waves, there exists a vibrant underwater kingdom bursting with an array of life forms. There are many amazing fish swimming around, and the sight of big manta rays is truly beautiful. The underwater view is simply stunning. Divers and marine enthusiasts from every corner of the planet hold this island in high regard. They often speak of their experiences with an air of reverence. The reason is clear. Diving into the depths of Koh Tao's waters is like plunging into a living kaleidoscope. Here, every hue and shade imaginable paints scenes of marine wonders. It makes it an unparalleled underwater adventure that is simply not to be missed.

The central transportation hub within Khao Sok facilitates these adventures. From here, day tours and day trips to neighboring attractions are easily accessible. The Surat Thani Airport, a major gateway, ensures that Khao Sok is within easy reach for global travelers.

Koh Phangan, nestled in the Gulf of Thailand, is not just an island. It’s an experience that leaves an indelible mark on its visitors. This island is famous for its big full moon parties with lots of music and dancing. But that's not all it has to offer. There's a lot more to explore and enjoy on the island besides just the night parties. Koh Phangan isn't just about parties. It has peaceful beaches, lush jungles, and secret waterfalls. The island shows many beautiful sides of nature. The island has beautiful sandy beaches where you can relax and think. The island also has big green forests. These forests are great for adventurous people who want to explore and see what's hidden inside. Koh Phangan is special because it has both quiet nature spots and lively parties. This mix of calm and celebration makes it a unique place to visit.

Surat Thani Province, located in the southern region of Thailand, is a land of contrasts and wonders. When planning a trip across the area, two places are a must-visit: Ban Ta Khun and the City Pillar Shrine. Both spots are important highlights.

Ban Ta Khun is not just a destination, but a serene retreat, offering an authentic glimpse into Thai countryside living. As you explore this peaceful place, you'll see winding rivers and houses on stilts. These show how the people here live closely with nature. They've built their homes in a way that works with the environment. The verdant backdrop, punctuated by sounds of distant temple chimes and local wildlife, paints a portrait of timeless beauty. In this place, people value old traditions and share stories from the past. Everywhere you go, it feels like nature is quietly speaking to you.

Ban Ta Khun is a place where you can find peace in nature. Meanwhile, the City Pillar Shrine shows the area's strong spiritual beliefs and cultural history. It's not just a religious site, but a living narrative of the province's history and beliefs. Elaborately adorned with intricate carvings and adorned in gold leaf, the shrine gleams with both reverence and grandeur. The air around it is thick with devotion, as locals and visitors alike come to offer their prayers and seek blessings. As you stand before it, you're not merely witnessing a monument. You are participating in a continuum of faith that has spanned generations.

Ban Ta Khun is known for its beautiful nature, while the City Pillar Shrine is a spiritual spot. Both places add special parts to the big story of Surat Thani. Each place has its own special appeal in this province. They invite visitors to explore and enjoy all the amazing things here.


Every journey in and around Khao Sok National Park is a mosaic of experiences. With each day trip, a new chapter in the travel guide of your life is written. From wild animals and Khao Sok Village's charm to limestone mountains, Khao Sok offers a mix of sights and sounds.

Things to know:

The transport hub in Khao Sok is the heartbeat of the Surat Thani Province.

Punctuality is highly recommended: Expect buses and minivans to be timely.

Communication is easy; the staff speaks basic English.

The station offers top-tier security and amenities for travelers.

Direct tickets to various Thai landmarks are available.

Address : At your hotel or in front of the Khao Sok National Park entrance sign.