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Krabi Town: Chao Koh Office Information

Krabi Town: Chao Koh Office

Unveiling the Chao Koh Office in Bustling Krabi Town


Set in the heart of Krabi Town, Chao Koh Office emerges as a lively focal point, waiting to greet astute travelers. For those yearning to experience the islands, this establishment serves as a crucial link to their dream locales. Belonging to the esteemed Chaokoh Travel Center lineage, the Chao Koh Office in Krabi Town holds its head high. It facilitates speedy boat transfers to the scenic Koh Phi Phi, the bustling Phuket, and the peaceful Koh Lanta. This central hub pledges a journey as serene as the seas you traverse. From hotel to pier, they handle your transfers effortlessly. Thinking about an extended stay? Book your top-tier accommodations with the Office. If you're curious to see more of Thailand, the Chaokoh Travel Center provides a range of bus and train services to many interesting places.


Chao Koh Office isn't merely a ticket counter; it's your entry into Krabi Town's vast mosaic of encounters and networks. Moreover, it symbolizes a vital fragment of Krabi Town's elaborate weave of existence and heritage. Here, streets hum with animated life, abundant traditions, and a distinct Thai charm. Markets entice with tantalizing tastes, while craftsmen showcase their handiworks, each sharing tales of a storied history and a dynamic present. Setting forth from Chao Koh Office, the island realm awaits. The Phi Phi Islands are known for their clear waters and golden sands. They offer a unique and peaceful escape. If you choose to go to Koh Phi Phi, secure your ferry tickets with our ferry service. Each ferry offers a comfortable journey. It is designed to enhance your travel experience. Phuket is a lively place, rich in tradition, with popular beaches and a vibrant city life. On the other hand, if you're looking for peace and relaxation, Koh Lanta has beautiful beaches and a laid-back atmosphere. On the mainland, Krabi Town offers a gateway to numerous exciting attractions. Coaches and cabs from Chao Koh Office transport you to verdant terrains, towering peaks, and myriad treasures strewn across Thailand.


Chao Koh Office in Krabi Town is more than a transit hub. It's a gateway to adventures, melding the peacefulness of the islands with the pulse of mainland Thailand. Krabi Town is full of stories and mysteries at every corner. As you travel, the roads lead to new adventures. Whether you're drawn to the sea or the land, let Chao Koh Office start your Thai journey.

Things to Know:

Chao Koh Office simplifies transitions with transfer solutions from hotels to the pier.

Lodging in Koh Phi Phi can be reserved directly at the establishment.

Being a segment of the Chaokoh Travel Center, it offers a vast spectrum of travel choices throughout Thailand.

Beyond island escapades, the office also arranges transport to other intriguing Thai locations. The Chaokoh Phi Phi Hotel Resort offers an exquisite island stay experience.

Address : Sai Thai, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000 Thailand.