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Krabi Town: Khaotong Rd. Information

Krabi Town: Khaotong Rd.

Khaotong Rd, Krabi Town: Your Doorstep to Southern Thailand


Located in the heart of Southern Thailand, Khaotong Rd. in Krabi Town isn't just a simple stopover for travelers. Think of it like a vibrant introduction to all the exciting and memorable experiences that await you in this region. It's a central location, acting as the starting point for many travelers.

Here, they begin to discover the rich and fascinating stories that Krabi has to offer. If you visit on the weekend, you'll notice a heightened buzz of activity. This area really comes to life, especially when locals gather around.

You can hear the sounds of people talking and laughing together. It's such a vibrant atmosphere. Additionally, there are many food stalls around this place. If you stand still for a moment, you'll be greeted by the delicious smells coming from these stalls.

Each stall has its own unique aroma, making you curious about the tasty treats they might be selling. It's a place that's bustling with activity and full of enticing scents. If you like Krabi's history or its modern side, Khaotong Road. shows you both perfectly.


A visit to Krabi Town, especially the Khaotong Road area, isn't just about the journey's beginning or end. It's about immersing oneself in the heartbeat of the town. The air here teems with a mix of aromas. You can smell food from local stalls and the salty air from Ao Nang beach nearby.

A short 15 minutes away from this station, you can explore the bustling Krabi Town Night Market. Especially come the weekends, this place transforms into a hive of activity. It's not just a market; it's a sensory extravaganza, brimming with both local color and touristy charm.

If you're in Krabi Town on the weekend, go to the Weekend Night Market. It offers great shopping. Also, the local foods on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights are amazing.

From the Krabi Town station on Khaotong Rd., numerous destinations beckon travelers. The renowned Ao Nang beach, just a brief journey away, boasts crystal-clear waters and a variety of aquatic adventures. Close by, if you like spiritual and old places, you can visit Wat Tham and the Tiger Cave Temple. Both places are peaceful and quiet.

Krabi's rich tapestry of experiences doesn't end there. Wat Tham and the famous Tiger Cave Temple are nearby. Both places give off a calm and spiritual vibe. If you're one for day trips, places like Koh Phi Phi and Koh Phi are within reach.

If you love nature's mysteries, you should visit the Khao Khanap Nam Cave. Inside, you'll see amazing stalactites hanging down. Also, the nearby Walking Street is very interesting. Both places are very inviting and worth a visit.

Not to forget the Emerald Pool, a hot spring true to its name. This natural haven is worth a visit for those looking to unwind amidst nature.

Railay Beach is another of Krabi's treasures. Only accessible by boat, it stands as an emblem of the untouched beauty that Southern Thailand holds. Speaking of boats, the traditional longtail boats are a must-see. They're the most scenic and genuine way to move between the islands and beaches.

With the promise of adventure, Krabi ensures that comfort isn't compromised. Hotels in Krabi range from cozy budget stays to opulent resorts, ensuring every traveler finds their niche.


At a cursory glance, Krabi Town's Khaotong Rd. might appear as just another travel juncture. If you look closely, you'll discover the uniqueness of this place. It's a great introduction to the stories and beauty of Southern Thailand.

This spot marks the commencement of countless adventures and is the birthplace of many day trip itineraries. Travelers might be attracted to the peaceful feel of Wat Tham. Others might love the busy energy of the Krabi Town Night Market.

Either way, this place has something for everyone. Khaotong Road isn’t merely a dot on the map. It's the very heart from which your Southern Thailand story springs to life.

Things to Know:

Railay Beach, secluded by limestone cliffs, is a must-visit but can only be reached by boat.

Weekend Night Market, particularly on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, is Krabi's culinary and shopping hotspot.

The therapeutic Emerald Pool, a natural hot spring, promises rejuvenation.

Traditional longtail boats remain the favored mode for island-hopping and beach visits.

A range of hotels in Krabi ensures accommodations for every budget and preference.

Address : 163/24 Paknam Subdistrict, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi Province 81000 Thailand