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La-ngu Bus Stop Information

La-ngu Bus Stop

La-ngu Bus Stop: Your Gateway to Satun, Koh Lipe, and Beyond


La-ngu is a peaceful spot in Southern Thailand, sitting within the larger, lively area of Satun. Though quiet, La-ngu is a popular spot because of its boat port. This bus stop is simple and convenient, making it easy for everyone to find and use.

People like the straightforward design, and buses from busy areas like Bangkok stop here. These buses mainly start their journeys from a big bus station called Mo Chit. This bus stop is where visitors can get off to explore the local area. It's helpful to know that Pakbara Pier is only 10 km away.

This pier serves as the departure point for vessels bound for exquisite destinations such as Koh Lipe, conveniently situated nearby. Numerous travelers frequent this pier as a gateway to explore the stunning maritime locales.


The La-ngu Bus Stop is special because it’s simple but works very well. It's smaller in size compared to a standard bus terminal. But it gives travelers a friendly place to start their journeys in Southern Thailand. It's perfect for people coming from cities like Hat Yai who want to see the beauty of Satun's coast.

Satun is more than just a pretty place. It offers lots of different experiences. The Satun bus station brings in travelers, showing them a mix of new and old ways of life.

Travelers have the option to purchase ferry tickets at nearby stores. Or bide their time in comfortably cool areas equipped with air conditioning. Every moment spent here is distinct, yet imbued with its own unique charm.

Pakbara Pier is a major port in Satun province, more than just a place for boats to stop. It's a starting point for adventures on the sea. Every trip, especially in the high season, gives travelers beautiful views of the sea. People get excited whether they're buying a ticket to Koh Lipe or getting on a boat.

Koh Lipe is a beautiful place with pristine beaches, lots of fish and sea animals, and it feels like a dream. People also visit Koh Tarutao and other national parks from here as day trips. The local bus service from Satun to Koh Lipe is a nice way to move from the mainland to the island paradise.

Our website helps travelers book online easily. We check reviews to give you the best journey. Whether you're at La Ngu, Pak Bara Pier, or somewhere in between, buying tickets online is a good idea.


The La-ngu Bus Stop might look simple, but it shows how good public transport in Thailand is. Every local bus and every ferry ticket shows the lovely mix of old and new. Bus companies and online services work together. They make the trip from La-ngu to Koh Lipe a great example of the friendly nature of Southern Thailand. Traveling from busy bus stops to quiet piers feels like a special adventure.

Things to Know:

La-ngu Bus Stop is a great place for public transport, with local buses ready for your next adventure.

If you're coming from Hat Yai, this bus stop is a good place to stop before exploring the beautiful coast of Satun.

Pakbara Pier gets busy, so buying ferry tickets in the high season might take some time.

The bus station is located centrally within the city, offering handy connections to various local spots and services for longer journeys.

Enjoy the air conditioning in waiting areas, especially when Southern Thailand gets hot.

Address : In front of Anuban La Ngu School, Kamphaeng, La-ngu District, Satun 91110.