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Lanta Marina Pier Information

Lanta Marina Pier

Embarking on Koh Lanta's Adventures


Koh Lanta, Thailand, is more than just an island. It's a vibrant tapestry of sandy beaches, rich culture, and adventurous escapades. Stepping off at Lanta Marina Pier sets the stage for a memorable journey.


For beach enthusiasts, Koh Lanta boasts iconic spots like Long Beach, with its sprawling sandy coast. As you move south of the island, the quieter, yet equally breathtaking Kantiang Bay greets you. This beautiful beach is a must-visit for those seeking a serene escape.

Looking for more island adventures? Consider day trips to nearby gems. Koh Rok is a shimmering paradise known for its crystal-clear waters – an ideal spot for diving and snorkeling. Koh Phi Phi, on the other hand, offers a lively atmosphere, while the lesser-known Koh Phi promises untouched beauty.

The Emerald Cave stands as a testament to nature's marvel. Accessible only by boat, this attraction beckons with its unique aura and sense of mystery. If you're an explorer at heart, the Koh Lanta National Park offers a taste of the island's wild side.

But Koh Lanta isn't all about nature. The Koh Lanta Old Town, located on the east coast, paints a vivid picture of the island's heritage. Walking through it feels like stepping back in time, with its traditional wooden houses and bustling markets.

For those committed to making a difference during their travels, a stop at Lanta Animal Welfare is essential. This nonprofit is all about helping stray animals. It gives visitors a heartwarming experience.

Staying in Koh Lanta is an experience in itself. From beach resorts to cozy inns, there's a place for every traveler. And for those concerned about connection, the proximity to Krabi Airport ensures easy access in and out of the island.

Lastly, those pondering the best time to visit should aim for the high season, which spans from November to April. The weather is at its best, and activities are in full swing.


Koh Lanta, with its mix of adventures, relaxation spots, and cultural touchpoints. If you're after a real Thai experience, this is the spot!. Ko Lanta offers beautiful beaches, exciting exploration, and rich local traditions. It's undoubtedly a great place to stay.

Things to Know:

Connections: Koh Lanta is well connected with major tourist hubs, especially with its proximity to Krabi Airport. It is highly recommended to Book in advance during the high season.

Transportation: Scooters are a popular mode of transport around the island. Always wear a helmet and ensure you have a valid driving license.

Wildlife: You'll need to pay an entrance fee at Koh Lanta National Park, which goes towards conservation. Don't forget to wear the right clothes and be kind to the animals.

Cultural Etiquette: When visiting places like Koh Lanta Old Town, it's essential to be respectful. Dress modestly, particularly when visiting temples or religious sites.

Seasons: The high season from November to April offers ideal weather. However, even during off-peak months, Koh Lanta has its charm with fewer tourists and a more laid-back vibe.

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