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Leam Sok Pier Information

Leam Sok Pier

Laem Sok Pier: Your Ferry Terminal in Trat


Discover the wonders of the Gulf of Thailand starting from Laem Sok Pier, the notable ferry pier in vibrant Trat City. More than a mere point of departure, Laem Sok is the threshold to a captivating island hopping experience. It's a haven for both avid travelers and newcomers, offering an exceptional gateway for adventures across the Gulf.


Laem Sok is located in Trat. It stands out not just as a ferry terminal but as a vital link between the mainland and the Gulf of Thailand's splendors. From Laem Sok Pier, visitors can board ferries from various ferry companies. Most boasting air-conditioned comfort for an enjoyable journey. You can also find speed boat companies.

The pier becomes a lively hub in the high season. It demonstrates its role in the popular activity of island hopping. It is the primary departure point for boats to Koh Kood and other appealing nearby islands. These islands, celebrated for their untouched beaches and vibrant marine life, are readily accessible via the efficient boat services of Sok Pier.

Trat city, the urban landscape surrounding this ferry terminal, provides a range of facilities including taxi services and secure parking, ensuring smooth travel for visitors. For those making their way from Bangkok to Trat, there are convenient bus services and flights available through Bangkok Airways, simplifying the journey to the pier.

Upon arrival at Laem Sok, guests can opt for a shared taxi or a picturesque 30 minutes drive through Trat town to reach the active pier. This route offers an exciting fusion of urban allure and the anticipation of peaceful adventures that await.


Laem Sok Pier, positioned at the heart of Trat, transcends being just a ferry dock. It's a portal to the captivating Gulf of Thailand. This prominent pier is the foundation for numerous thrilling explorations and tranquil retreats. Here, voyages commence across the blue waters of the Gulf, leading to destinations renowned for their natural beauty and serene settings.

At Laem Sok Pier, your adventure begins upon stepping onto the vibrant platform, a lively representation of Trat city's rhythm. This bustling energy is the prelude to the diverse experiences in store. From the pier, a sail across the sparkling Gulf waters takes you to the serene Ko Kut and other nearby islands. These islands, each an oasis of tranquility, offer a stark contrast to the spirited city atmosphere.

The pier serves as a crucial link, connecting the energetic streets of Trat with the peaceful islands of the Gulf. It's a place where the thrill of discovery meets the comfort of relaxation. Whether in search of Trat city's dynamic street life and cultural richness or the calm and pristine beauty of islands like Ko Kut, Laem Sok Pier is your starting point to these varied experiences.

Every journey from Laem Sok Pier is distinct, presenting travelers with opportunities to chart their own path of exploration. From investigating the Gulf's rich marine life to lounging on the pristine beaches of the nearby islands, Laem Sok Pier in Trat is not just a transit point; it's the commencement of a plethora of adventures, relaxation opportunities, and lasting memories.

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