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Leam Sok Pier Information

Leam Sok Pier

Gateway to Island Adventures: The Leam Sok Pier Experience!


Welcome aboard at Leam Sok Pier, the heartbeat of picturesque Trat and a portal to enchanting island escapades. Leam Sok Pier is right in the middle of great places to see. And it leads you to beautiful islands like Koh Kood and Koh Chang.

As you step onto this pier, it feels like the dawn of a captivating journey. It’s filled with the promise of sandy shores, pristine waters, and the radiant Thai sun. And for those who drive up here, rest assured, your vehicle's got a safe haven in our 24-hour secure parking.


Every corner of Thailand beckons, and Leam Sok Pier ensures you don't miss out. If you're coming from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport, there are shuttle buses from Trad. They take you to the pier quickly and comfortably. If you're pressed for time, taxis are readily available, many of which offer the comfort of air-conditioning.

From this pivotal pier in Laem Sok, vessels whisk you away to paradisiacal realms like Koh Kood (or Ko Kut). A land of sun-kissed beaches embraced by verdant forests awaits. The seasoned boat company ensures that singles that travel light, or those with families, all experience a journey worth reminiscing. You can also visit Koh Chang and Koh Mak. It's easy to go from one island to another. You can even see t both island the same day!

Adjacent to this nautical nexus, Trat City invites with its vibrant culture, tantalizing Thai treats, and authentic experiences. If you require assistance with navigation, Google Maps serves as a reliable tool. For those flying out or in, the connection between Leam Sok Pier and Trat Airport is seamless. Breezy taxis or the minibus and can be arranged, make the commute a delightful affair.

Our parking bays, available round the clock, ensure your vehicle rests while you embark on your island quests. Also, if you aim to explore several islands in 24 hours, our frequent boat services have you covered. It offers flexible round trips. The taxis promise relaxing comfortable ride, while the bus terminal close by ensures connectivity is the least of your concerns.


Leam Sok Pier, more than just a dock, is a promise of adventure, convenience, and memories to cherish. With its multitude of services, from secure parking to a plethora of transportation options, it assures a hassle-free experience. Whether you're setting sail to untouched islands, relishing Trat's charms, or simply passing through, the pier stands as a testament to Thailand's commitment to unparalleled travel experiences.

Things to Know:

You can easily locate Leam Sok Pier on Google Maps; simply type "Leam Sok Pier" to get directions.

If traveling from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport, consider the shuttle service from Trad for a convenient ride to the pier.

Leam Sok Pier's 50 baht fee ensures your vehicle's safety in its 24-hour secure parking.

If you plan to stay overnight before your island adventure, there are numerous hotels, guesthouses, or resorts in Trad city catering to every budget.

Island boats often have services connecting to other islands like Koh Mak; ensure to check the schedule and plan your day.

Address : Route 3155, Mueng, Trat, Thailand.