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Lipa Noi Pier Information

Lipa Noi Pier

Lipa Noi Pier: Your Gateway to Tropical Wonders!


Lipa Noi Pier stands as a proud gateway nestled on Koh Samui's west coast. It offers access to mesmerizing places like Koh Phangan and beyond. It's not just a pier, it's a bridge that takes you to enchanting destinations awaiting your discovery.


Lipa Noi Pier is your stepping stone to Koh Phangan’s vibrant festivities. It is also your access point to the ethereal beauty of Ang Thong Marine Park. A stone's throw away, Nikki Beach invites with its golden sands and luxurious beach club vibes. Further down, the serene beaches of Taling Ngam provide a tranquil retreat for those seeking peace.

Lipa Noi Koh Samui is nestled on the west coast of Samui island. Lipa Noi stands out as one of the island's most serene and captivating beaches. Lipa Noi in Koh Samui is a haven for those seeking peace. Unlike the busy eastern side of the island, Lipa Noi provides a calmer, more genuine Thai experience. It captures the true soul of an island living in Thailand.

The coast of Koh Samui is a diverse mix of stunning beaches, lush tropical landscapes, and vibrant town centers. As you traverse from one side of the island to the other, the changing vistas are sure to mesmerize. Each coastline offers its own unique charm and attractions.

Ko Samui, often referred to simply as Samui, is an island that seamlessly blends traditional Thai culture with modern amenities. Ko Samui, nestled in the Gulf of Thailand, is a blend of vibrant markets, historical richness, and sacred temples. With its vast beaches and pristine waters, this island gem promises travelers both a warm welcome and lasting memories.

The coast of the Island of Samui is a testament to nature's artistry. Koh Samui's coastline is diverse. The eastern beaches buzz with activity, while the west, especially Lipa Noi, offers calm. Everywhere you go, you'll find stunning views and places to enjoy the sun.

Whether you're yearning for Koh Phangan's exciting nightlife or the serenity of Ang Thong, Lipa Noi Pier has you covered. Let the music guide your soul under the moonlight or let the calmness of Ang Thong's waters heal you from within.

Hop on a ferry at Lipa Noi Pier and set sail to Don Sak or Thong Sala Pier. Each one offers its own set of wonders. The journey is as beautiful as the destination, with the gentle waters of Surat Thani Province around you.

Koh Phangan beckons with its Full Moon Parties, jungles, and the laid-back atmosphere. As you soak in the culture and mingle with the locals, you'll understand why it's a must-visit. Setting off from Lipa Noi Pier to Ang Thong Marine Park unveils a realm of 42 islands. Each telling a unique tale. Dive into the turquoise waters, hike the majestic viewpoints, or just revel in nature's splendor.

Depending on which part of the Island you visit, it will be a distinct experience. The eastern side of Koh Samui is alive with vibrant nightlife and bustling shopping areas. In contrast, the western coast, home to Lipa Noi, invites visitors with its relaxed vibe and captivating sunsets. As you navigate from one part to another, Koh Samui's diverse beauty unfolds.

Thai food, known for its mix of spices and sweet adds to the island's charm. Thai dishes like spicy Tom Yum soup, crispy spring rolls, and creamy curries highlight Koh Samui's culinary richness. No matter where you are on the island, delicious food is always within reach.

Lipa Noi Pier isn't just a boarding point; it's the start of countless stories, memories, and adventures. From ferries that depart, to the buzz of the surrounding areas, there's an energy here that propels travelers on their journey.


Lipa Noi Pier is more than a ferry terminal; it's a hub of dreams, adventures, and cherished memories. Whether you're a solo traveler or with family, the pier and its surrounding locales offer something for everyone. The sun sets on the horizon of Lipa Noi Beach’s shallow waters. Let your heart be filled with expectation for the journey ahead. Cherish the moments spent on Koh Samui's enchanting west coast.

Things to Know:

Lipa Noi Pier is just a minute drive from Nikki Beach. It is perfect for those wanting to mix travel with leisure.

Check the ferry schedule before arriving. It ensures you don’t miss your ride and get to your destination timely.

Various ferry operators use Lipa Noi, including the renowned Raja Ferry Pier operator, assuring a range of timings and services.

Koh Phangan for nightlife or Ang Thong for its natural beauty? Lipa Noi Pier ferry services have got you covered.

Engage with the locals for tips on the best spots, eateries, and hidden gems near the pier.

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