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Mataphon Pier Information

Mataphon Pier

Mataphon Pier: Your Doorstep to Southern Thailand's Splendor


Hello and welcome to Mataphon Pier! This is a busy ferry pier in the lovely southern area of Chumphon, and it's right next to the beautiful waters of the Gulf of Thailand. This pier is like a main door that opens up to a lot of cool places. If you're here, you can catch a ferry that takes you to the magical island of Koh Tao. And if you're looking for a quiet beach spot, there's also the peaceful Thung Wua Laen Beach not too far from here. This place is really special because it connects you to so many wonderful places around Chumphon.


Mataphon Pier stands as a central choice for a train station. Perfectly located by the Gulf of Thailand, it's not just any station – it's the kickoff point for countless adventures. This hub connects to various bus terminals, paving your path to Chumphon City and the wider Chumphon Province.

But there's more! From Mataphon Pier, you can hop on a journey to the stunning Koh Tao. This small island boasts gleaming white sand beaches and a treasure trove of marine life awaiting your dive. And there's even more to unpack at Mataphon Pier! It's your access point to a myriad of other attractions. North of Chumphon lies the verdant expanse of Chumphon National Park.

Picture dense forests and cascading waterfalls that flow in mesmerizing terraces. A diver's haven: Pattaya's wrecks, ships purposefully submerged to form artificial reefs for ecological conservation. The standout here is the HTMS Mataphon, a dive site. delight.

During World War II, the Royal Thai Navy played a significant role in the changing dynamics of Southeast Asia. When the fighting spread to Thailand's borders, the Royal Thai Navy had to defend the country's seas. Although Thailand initially declared neutrality, its strategic position meant that it was inevitably drawn into the war. The Royal Thai Navy was essential in navigating these challenging geopolitical waters. They fought for the country's sovereignty and engaged in pivotal operations that shaped the course of the war in the region. The period saw the navy's resilience and dedication, marking an important chapter in Thailand's military history.

From serene parks to breathtaking viewpoints, Lang Suan promises an enriching nature experience. It's an escape from the urban chaos. Whether you're keen on treks, waterfall visits, or simply savoring calm, Lang Suan is nature's playground. The exploration doesn't end on solid ground.

Starting from Mataphon Pier, venture to Surat Thani, an adjacent province teeming with cultural richness and scenic views. For those seeking solace, Hat Thung Wua Laen stands as a sanctuary. A serene beach with powder-soft sands and mellow waves, it's the spot for relaxation. Destinations to Explore: Koh Tao: Dive into its pristine waters and marvel at the island's teeming marine life.

On 20 June, the coastal village of Hat Sai came alive with celebrations for its annual seaside festival. Known for its picturesque beaches and vibrant local culture, Hat Sai usually attracts tourists throughout the year. However, the 20 June festival is special. It draws large crowds who come to experience the unique blend of traditional dances, seafood delicacies, and the warm hospitality of the villagers. The serene beaches echo with laughter and music, making it a memorable day for both locals and visitors alike.

Chumphon National Park has lush forests and wildlife. You can explore and see animals in their natural home. Not far from there, Surat Thani showcases its rich culture and beautiful views. If you want a calm place, Hat Thung Wua Laen is a quiet beach. It's perfect for some peaceful time.


Mataphon Pier is a special place by the Gulf of Thailand. It's not just a train station; it's like a key to beautiful beaches, amazing diving spots, and the quiet Hat Thung Wua Laen Beach. When you travel around this southern area, think of Mataphon Pier as your helpful guide. It shows you the way to great adventures and memories.

Things to Know:

Location: Mataphon Pier is ideally situated by the alluring coastline of the Gulf of Thailand.

Travel Link: This hub seamlessly integrates with diverse bus terminals, ensuring smooth travel to Chumphon City and its outskirts.

Island Bliss: Koh Tao, with its shimmering white sand beaches and marine allure, beckons travelers.

Natural Bounty: Chumphon National Park is a haven for nature enthusiasts with its verdant woods, cascades, and rich wildlife.

Adjacent Wonders: Embark on Surat Thani's journey of culture and beauty straight from Mataphon Pier.

Peaceful Hideaway: Hat Thung Wua Laen offers a peaceful respite with its calm shores and soothing waves.

Address : The harbor Building of Chumphon estuary ,Tombol Paknam, A. Muang, Chumphon 86120.