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Naka Island Pier Information

Naka Island Pier

Discover Naka Island Pier: Your Gateway to Luxury!


Naka Island Pier, located just 20 minutes from Phuket's international airport, is your stepping stone to paradise. Begin your journey here and dive into the world of Naka Island, a luxury collection resort spa in Phuket. With the renowned Ao Po Pier and Bang Rong Pier nearby, the options are endless.


Naka Island Pier isn’t just a docking point; it’s the starting line of your luxurious getaway. From here, you can easily journey to Naka Yai Island, Koh Naka Noi, and the picturesque islands Koh Naka Yai. Known together as Yai and Koh Naka, these islands showcase pristine beaches and cultural wonders.

Koh Yao Yai is another beautiful destination within reach, adding to the plethora of island choices. But if you're keen on the ultimate luxury experience, consider a stay at Naka Island, a luxury collection resort spa. Here, you're treated to a private pool, opulent pool villas, and a state-of-the-art fitness center.

Phang Nga Bay, with its stunning landscapes, is a must-visit, and trips commence right from our pier. The bay promises an ideal mix of leisure and exploration, making the most of your vacation.

At Naka Island, luxurious living is redefined. You can access the Naka Island luxury collection resort spa in Phuket with ease. It's also where you'll find lavish private pool villas. For fitness enthusiasts, the resort boasts a comprehensive fitness center, so your wellness regimen stays continuous.

Reaching Naka Island Pier is hassle-free, thanks to its proximity to the international airport. Piers like Ao Po and Bang Rong are just around the corner. So, going to locations like the northeast coast of Phuket becomes effortless.


Naka Island Pier is more than just a place where you land. It's the beginning of a luxurious adventure. Think of it as the front door to a world filled with luxury and convenience. When you step onto the pier, you're stepping into a realm of fancy treats and beautiful views.

The Naka Island resort is nearby, and it's filled with fancy things that make you feel special. And that's not all. The nearby Phang Nga Bay is like a postcard come to life with its stunning beauty. There's also Naka Yai Island which is a gem waiting to be explored.

So, when you arrive at Naka Island Pier, you're not just starting a simple holiday; you're kicking off an unforgettable dream vacation experience.

Things to Know:

Naka Island Pier is a brief 20-minute drive from Phuket's international airport.

Direct access to Naka Island, a luxury collection resort spa in Phuket.

Explore Naka Yai Island, Koh Naka Noi, Koh Yao Yai, and islands Koh Naka Yai.

Luxurious private pool villas await at the Naka Island resort.

Nearby Ao Po Pier and Bang Rong Pier offer expanded travel options.

Address : Naka Yai Island, Pa Klok, Thalang District, Phuket 83110, Thailand.