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New Southern Bus Terminal Information

New Southern Bus Terminal

The New Bangkok Southern Bus Terminal: Sai Tai Mai


Sai Tai Mai, Bangkok's new southern bus terminal located in Taling Chan, is an essential transport hub for travelers. Providing easy access to various picturesque Southern Thailand destinations, it marks the beginning of many adventurers' southern explorations.


Getting to Sai Tai Mai Bus Station is easy. If you're near Victory Monument or Bang Wa BTS station, just take a meter taxi. It's a direct and hassle-free way to reach the station. People often call this terminal the "New Southern Bus Terminal," setting it apart from the Northern Bus Terminal.

Sai Tai Mai is a key spot for travelers heading to places like Surat Thani. It's also where you can catch a top-floor ferry to Koh Tao. With many ways to travel and bus tickets for sale, it's a busy place. From here, you can go to historic spots like Nakhon Si Thammarat or lively cities like Hat Yai.

Sai Tai Mai is really important for people who want to explore the beauty of Southern Thailand. It's one of the top bus stations in Bangkok. Before a trip, people can shop and eat at SC Plaza. It's a cool, comfy place for quick stops or chill-out times.

Places like Sanam Luang and Khao San Road make Bangkok famous. Yet, SC Plaza in Sai Tai Mai has its own unique charm. Plus, those journeying towards Hua Hin will find the bus services from this terminal particularly convenient and efficient. Picture the beautiful views you'll find in Krabi or the peaceful beaches in Chumphon.

You can reach all these amazing spots by taking a bus from Sai Tai Mai. It's like a gateway to these wonderful experiences, all just a bus ride away. Then there's Phuket, the Andaman Sea's gem, and Hat Yai, a vibrant city teeming with cultural diversity. Not just a terminal, Sai Tai Mai is your starting point to these wonders.


Sai Tai Mai Bus Station is pivotal for mobility in Bangkok. Its strategic location near notable landmarks like Victory Monument makes it invaluable for travelers. Whether heading to enchanting southern spots in Thailand, such as Surat Thani or Hat Yai, this station simplifies your transit. Knowledge of Sai Tai Mai enhances any Thai trip, showcasing Bangkok's dedication to easy and fast travel for everyone.

Things to Know:

Sai Tai Mai is distinct from the Northern Bus Terminal. It is the Southern Bus Station.

The terminal is easily reachable via meter taxi from Victory Monument or Bang Wa BTS station.

SC Plaza offers air-conditioned shopping and dining within Sai Tai Mai.

Key southern destinations like Surat Thani are accessible via buses departing from this terminal.

Bus tickets are available for various destinations, with buses leaving from the terminal's top floor.

Located on Borommaratchachonnani Road, it's a vital hub for southern travel.

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