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Pattaya Bus Station Information

Pattaya Bus Station

The Ultimate Bus Station in Pattaya: Rung Rueng Bus terminal


Pattaya Bus Station, known as Rung Rueng Terminal, serves as the primary hub for bus travel. This central hub facilitates the transit of buses from Pattaya to Bangkok. It also schedules departures to Hua Hin.

The terminal has air conditioning, online ticket buying, and comfy seating, making your trip easy and comfortable. It features conveniences like minimarts, assorted food stalls, beverage stands, and ample seating areas. Mobile phone charging stations are available for a small charge.

Merely 475 meters from the city's heart, the terminal is easily accessible on foot. Additional facilities include an ATM, a kiosk, and a coffee shop, with fast food outlets nearby. The bus route from Pattaya to Bangkok is really popular.

Many people know it as the Rung Rueng Station Bus Terminal or just Rung Rueng Station. It's well-liked because it makes traveling between these big cities easy.


The Rung Rueng Terminal, a fully equipped, air-conditioned bus terminal, sits conveniently on North Pattaya Road. This busy spot is famous for its good bus service. It mainly helps people travel from Pattaya to Bangkok.

Renowned bus operator, Roong Reuang Coach, runs the service. It offers a comfortable journey aboard their air-conditioned buses. This service is great for travelers. It connects them to many places. This includes the area of Phrom Phong in Bangkok and Nakhon Ratchasima.

The terminal is not just a departure point. It's a traveler’s microcosm. Hungry? You can enjoy local foods like pork noodles and tom yum soup at places to eat close by. Some of these places are really special and have even earned Michelin Bib Gourmand awards for good quality, affordable food.

There are ticket counters that are simple to use for buying on the spot. Also, if you prefer using the internet, you can book your tickets online easily. This is very convenient for people who like to plan their trips in advance.

Looking for the bus route to Sai Tai Mai or other destinations? Information is readily available, ensuring you catch your tour bus without a hitch. At this bus terminal, the Pattaya Bangkok route is a frequent pick.


The Rung Rueng Terminal, situated on North Pattaya Road, is more than a mere bus station. It's the heartbeat of Pattaya, brimming with activity and serving as a major connection point for travelers. From the comfort of the air-conditioned terminal to the comprehensive bus network, your adventure begins here. Companies like Roong Reuang Coach are important for making travel easy,

Things to know:

The Rung Rueng Terminal serves as a central point for various touring bus services.

The bus terminal is located on Pattaya Road. It offers a range of bus stops connecting various destinations.

Most buses are equipped with air conditioning, ensuring a comfortable journey.

Online booking is available.

Gourmet delights await food lovers, with Michelin bib gourmand-rated restaurants in close proximity.

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