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Phi Phi Long Beach Information

Phi Phi Long Beach

Discover the Gateway to Paradise: Phi Phi Long Beach Pier


Embark on a captivating journey to the mesmerizing Phi Phi Long Beach. It is a hidden jewel nestled in the scenic heart of Koh Phi Phi, Thailand. This breathtaking destination is much more than a mere showcase of nature's beauty.

It's a place that has earned fame and adoration from stars, most notably Leonardo DiCaprio. Gaining recognition as the shooting location for the movie "The Beach," Phi Phi Long Beach presents an untouched natural charm.

At Phi Phi Long Beach, you'll find more than just beautiful scenery. It's a place that movie fans, especially those who like Leonardo DiCaprio's "The Beach," will enjoy. But it's not just for movie lovers. Anyone looking for a calm and beautiful spot will like it here too.

The area is special because it mixes the excitement of Hollywood with the peacefulness of nature. It's both exciting and relaxing. Let's take a closer look at this area, where you can enjoy both the excitement of movies and the calm of the natural world.

The Vibrancy of Phi Phi Long Beach Pier:

Phi Phi Long Beach Pier stands as more than just a point of arrival or departure. It is a bustling epicenter of culture, activity, and the vibrant spirit of Koh Phi Phi. This pier, teeming with life, welcomes visitors with its dynamic pulse that perfectly captures the essence of island life. When you arrive at Phi Phi Long Beach Pier, you'll immediately notice how busy and exciting it is.

There are lots of local shops selling interesting crafts and souvenirs that reflect the island's history. The place smells great too, thanks to the many food stalls and restaurants cooking delicious Thai food. You can really get a taste of the local cuisine here. The streets around the pier are full of life.

People are chatting, music is playing, and sometimes you can see live street performances or traditional dances. Local artists and craftsmen often display their work too. This part of the pier isn't just a place to catch boats.

It's like a lively center where you can see what everyday life is like in Thailand. As you walk around, you'll get a sense of how the island combines modern life with old traditions. This makes the pier a key spot for experiencing the real Koh Phi Phi.

Leonardo DiCaprio’s Cinematic Playground:

Just a stone's throw away from the lively Phi Phi Long Beach Pier lies the renowned Maya Bay. This is a location that has captured the imaginations of people worldwide. It is largely due to its starring role in Leonardo DiCaprio's famous film, "The Beach."

This breathtaking bay is a true embodiment of paradise. It boasts unspoiled sandy beaches that stretch along its shoreline and clear, azure waters that sparkle under the Thai sun. The allure of Maya Bay extends beyond its cinematic fame. It's a sanctuary where nature's artistry is on full display.

It offers a perfect blend of Hollywood glamor and natural splendor. Visitors to Maya Bay can really soak in its beautiful scenery. It's a great chance to be in the same place where famous movie scenes were shot. While you're there, you can enjoy the peaceful and pretty environment of the bay.

Not far from the bustle of Maya Bay, Bamboo Island presents a stark contrast as a haven of tranquility. This peaceful island is celebrated for its natural beauty and calming ambiance. It makes it an ideal retreat for those seeking respite from the more crowded and glamorous spots. Bamboo Island's charm lies in its simplicity and serenity.

Bamboo Island is known for its natural beauty. It's surrounded by green plants and clear water. This makes it a quiet place, away from busy tourist spots. Here, you can relax, enjoy nature, and take a break from the noisy and crowded areas.

Engaging Activities:

Just a short journey from the bustling Phi Phi Long Beach Pier is the world-renowned Maya Bay. It is a spectacular place. It rose to international fame as the filming location of "The Beach," which stars Leonardo DiCaprio. This enchanting bay is a paradise for those eager to experience a slice of Hollywood in Thailand.

Not far from the star-studded Maya Bay lies the serene Bamboo Island. It is a tranquil haven known for its untouched natural beauty and peaceful ambiance. This island offers a quiet respite from the glamour and excitement of Maya Bay.

It invites guests to enjoy leisurely beach walks and relaxation in a serene environment. These contrasting destinations present a unique combination of Hollywood allure and the timeless beauty of Thai nature.

In stark contrast to the lively atmosphere of Maya Bay, Bamboo Island offers a tranquil retreat. This serene island is an ideal destination for visitors seeking a quieter experience. Here, one can indulge in leisurely beach walks, taking in the scenic beauty of the island at a relaxed pace.

The soft sands and the soothing sound of the sea create a peaceful environment perfect for relaxation and contemplation. Bamboo Island's unspoiled landscape offers a chance to disconnect and enjoy the simplicity of island life.

Back at Phi Phi Long Beach Pier, the journey through Thai culture continues. The pier serves as a cultural hub where visitors can immerse themselves in local customs and traditions. A culinary adventure awaits with an array of traditional Thai dishes to sample.

From spicy curries to fresh seafood, each offering a taste of the region's rich flavors. Additionally, the pier is a treasure trove of local handicrafts, where skilled artisans showcase their crafts.


Phi Phi Long Beach Pier is more than just a departure point. It's a hub of cultural and natural beauty. It is enriched by its association with stars like Leonardo DiCaprio.

This connection adds an extra dimension of allure. It invites travelers to experience a blend of star-studded history and idyllic island life.

Things to Know:

Best Time to Visit: Preferably November to April for ideal weather.

Access: Regular boats link the pier with surrounding islands.

Culinary Experience: Explore authentic Thai flavors, especially the seafood.

Connectivity: Wi-Fi is accessible in most areas around the pier.

Address : Ao Nang Subdistrict, Mueang Krabi District, Krabi 81000, Thailand.