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Koh Phi Phi to Phuket Ferry | Koh Phi Phi to Phuket Speedboat

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How to get from Koh Phi Phi to Phuket


Koh Phi Phi to Phuket by Ferry or Speedboat: An Adventure


Experience the magical transition from Koh Phi Phi, one of Thailand's most beautiful islands, to the bustling island of Phuket. This popular route, crossing the serene Andaman Sea, is a highlight for many travelers exploring this region. Whether you choose the swift journey by speed boat or a leisurely ferry trip, the voyage from Koh Phi Phi to Phuket is filled with breathtaking sights. As you depart from the picturesque Tonsai Pier or the tranquil Laemtong Bay, the contrasting landscapes of the Phi Phi Islands - including the renowned Phi Phi Don - unfold before you. The clear blue waters of the Andaman Sea, dotted with beautiful islands, offer a captivating backdrop, making the journey as memorable as the destinations themselves. This route is not just a means of travel; it's an essential part of the Andaman experience, connecting the tranquil beauty of Koh Phi Phi with the dynamic allure of Phuket.

How to Get to Phuket

Embark on a memorable journey from Koh Phi Phi to Phuket, either by speed boat or ferry. Starting from Koh Phi Phi, which includes the famous Phi Phi Don and the smaller Phi Phi Leh, you can choose between various ferry operators, such as the Andaman Wave Master or Phi Phi Cruiser. These services offer regular trips from Phi Phi Tonsai Pier, the island's main hub, to Phuket's Rassada Pier. The ferry trip allows you to soak in the panoramic views of the Andaman Sea and its surrounding islands.

For a quicker passage, speed boats are available, offering a thrilling ride across the sea. Whether you opt for a ferry service or a speed boat, you'll witness the stunning beauty of the Andaman Sea and the Phi Island archipelago.

Things to Know About Phuket

Phuket, a diverse island with a mix of vibrant nightlife, tranquil beaches, and cultural landmarks, awaits at the end of your ferry trip. Rassada Pier in Phuket is a gateway to explore the island's numerous attractions, including historical sites and beach resorts.

Things to Do in Phuket and Around

In Phuket, there's an endless array of activities. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, delve into the local food scene, or take part in water sports. Don't miss exploring the historical charm of Old Phuket Town.


Embarking on a ferry trip from Koh Phi Phi to Phuket transcends the typical travel experience; it becomes a voyage of discovery through Thailand's mesmerizing scenery and cultural tapestry. As you glide across the placid Andaman Sea, each moment unveils a new facet of Thailand's diverse beauty, from the lush, verdant vistas of Phi Phi Don to the serene stretches of azure waters. This journey isn't simply a transfer from one destination to another; it's a panoramic window into the heart of Thai culture, offering glimpses of local life, age-old traditions, and natural wonders. The ever-changing seascape, combined with the rhythmic lull of the waves, creates an ambiance that's both tranquil and exhilarating. By the time you reach the vibrant shores of Phuket, you have not only traversed geographical distances but also journeyed through a rich, cultural narrative that binds the Andaman coast.

Essential Travel FAQ

What is the total number of service providers operating on this route? 9 operator(s) is/are offering services on this routes.

How many departures are offered each day? 26 departure(s) per day.

What is the scheduled departure time for the initial journey of the day ? The first trip leaves at 9:00 AM.

At what time is the departure time for the final journey of the day ? The Last trip leaves at 5:30 PM.

What is the duration of the briefest journey available on this route ? The shortest trip time is 50 mins.

What is the cost associated with undertaking this trip ? The lowest Price per person is 400 THB.

LiVa Tips

Book Ferry Tickets in Advance: Ensure a smooth trip by booking your ferry tickets early, especially during peak season.

Consider the Ferry Operators: Choose between Andaman Wave Master, Phi Phi Cruiser, and others for your preferred experience.

Stay Comfortable: Pack light but bring essentials for a comfortable ferry trip.

Explore Phi Don: If time allows, explore the larger of the Phi Phi Islands, Phi Don, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant nightlife.

Capture the Journey: The ferry trip offers beautiful vistas; keep your camera ready for breathtaking sea views.

Consider a Private Charter from Phuket to Phi Phi: When you go back to Phi Phi, think about booking a private charter. This option offers a more luxurious and personalized journey, perfect for those seeking exclusivity and flexibility in their travel plans.

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