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Phangan Island to Koh Phi Phi Ferry | Phangan Island to Koh Phi Phi Speedboat

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From Koh Phangan to Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi

From Phangan to Koh Phi Phi: A Blend of Sea and Culture


The journey from the vibrant shores of Phangan to the enchanting allure of Koh Phi Phi is not just a transfer; it's a voyage through some of Thailand's most picturesque landscapes and cultural hotspots.

How to Get to Koh Phi Phi

Your adventure starts at the bustling Thong Sala Pier on Phangan, a lively nexus buzzing with activity. Here, you’re presented with two appealing options: a tranquil ferry service or by speed boat journey. Opting for the ferry offers a serene experience, letting you embrace the scenic beauty of the sea. Meanwhile, the speedboat promises an exciting ride to reach Maenam Beach and its soft, sandy beaches.

From Maenam Pier, the journey continues by ferry service or by speedboat, to the Donsak Pier. This segment of your trip reveals the diverse maritime landscapes. It blends the tranquility of the sea with the vibrancy of ferry piers bustling with travelers and locals alike.
Upon arrival at Donsak, a shared minivan takes you on a drive to Krabi Town. This leg of the journey, taking roughly 30 minutes, offers a glimpse into the rural beauty of Thailand. In Krabi Town you will find the Thunglong Lomprayah Office. This town is not just a transit point but a vibrant destination, with its bustling night markets offering an array of street food that showcases the rich flavors of Thai cuisine.

Your journey culminates with a ferry ride from Klong Jilad Pier located in Krabi to Tonsai Pier on Koh Phi Phi. This final leg is an experience to cherish. As the ferry approaches Koh Phi Phi, the excitement builds with the anticipation of exploring this tropical paradise.

Things to Know About Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi is a mosaic of stunning natural beauty and vibrant cultural experiences. The island, famous for Maya Bay's breathtaking beauty, is a must-visit destination for any traveler. The sandy beaches here are perfect for relaxation and offer a variety of water activities, including trips on traditional longtail boats. The remnants of the Full Moon Party add a historical layer to the island's vibrant nightlife, offering a glimpse into the island's festive past.

Things to Do in and Around Koh Phi Phi

Explore the island's diverse attractions, from snorkeling in its clear waters to hiking for breathtaking views. Don't miss the opportunity to visit nearby islands and experience their unique beauty.


In conclusion, the voyage from Phangan to Koh Phi Phi is a journey filled with diverse experiences. From the serene ferry rides to the bustling markets and sandy beaches, each step of the way offers its unique charm, making the journey as enriching as the destination itself.

Essential Travel FAQ

How many operators offer services on this route? 1 operator(s) is/are offering services on this routes.

How many departures are offered each day? 3 departure(s) per day.

At What time the first trip of the day leaves ? The first trip leaves at 8:00 AM.

At What time the last Trip of the day leaves ? The Last trip leaves at 5:00 PM.

How long is the shortest Trip Time ? The shortest trip time is 6 hrs.

What is the Price for this trip ? The lowest Price per person is 1,650 THB.

LiVa Tips

Ferry Ticketing: To ensure a seamless journey, book your ferry tickets in advance, especially during peak seasons.

Time Management: Allocate about 30 minutes for transfers between different modes of transport to maintain a smooth travel experience.

Local Exploration: Take the time to explore the night market near Thong Sala Pier and the iconic Big Buddha near Maenam Beach. These spots offer a deep dive into the local culture and traditions.

Culinary Adventures: Indulge in the local street food at each stop. From savory snacks to sweet treats, Thai street food is a journey in itself.

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