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Phangan Island to Phuket Ferry | Phangan Island to Phuket Speedboat

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From Koh Phangan to Phuket


From Koh Phangan to Phuket: A Journey by Ferry and Bus


The journey from the serene Koh Phangan to the bustling Phuket town is a mesmerizing experience, offering a blend of scenic views over the Gulf of Thailand and cultural exploration. This article guides you through this journey, emphasizing the ease and beauty of traveling by ferry and bus.

How to Get to Phuket

Your adventure begins at Thong Sala Pier on Koh Phangan, where ferries depart amidst a backdrop of stunning seascapes. Enjoy the sea breeze and gaze at the Gulf of Thailand as you embark on a ferry service to Nathon Pier on the picturesque Samui Island. These ferry services, often equipped with air conditioning and comfortable seating, make the journey relaxing.

After soaking in the views from Nathon Pier, take another ferry to Donsak Pier. This leg of the journey allows you to witness the beauty of Thailand’s coastal regions. From Donsak, a shared minivan brings you to Surat Thani Town. This part of the trip, lasting about 30 minutes, offers glimpses of rural Thailand and its charming vistas.

Next, board a bus from Surat Thani, located near Surat Thani Airport, to Phuket Town’s Vichit Bus Station. This final stretch introduces you to the diverse landscapes of Southern Thailand.

Things to Know About Phuket

In Phuket Town, experience a vibrant blend of culture and modernity. Phuket, known for its lively markets, exquisite food stalls, and historic sites, is a hub of activity and tradition.

Things to Do in Phuket and Around

While in Phuket, explore landmarks like the Big Buddha, stroll through the old town, and savor local delicacies at various food stalls. The island is also ideal for excursions to nearby attractions, with numerous ferry companies offering trips to surrounding islands.


Traveling from Koh Phangan to Phuket by ferry and bus is an enriching experience, combining comfort, convenience, and the beauty of the Thai landscape. This route, easily booked online, is a testament to Thailand’s efficient and tourist-friendly travel system.

Essential Travel FAQ

How many operators offer services on this route? 1 operator(s) is/are offering services on this routes.

How many departures are offered each day? 1 departure(s) per day.

At What time the first trip of the day leaves ? The first trip leaves at 11:00 AM.

At What time the last Trip of the day leaves ? The Last trip leaves at 6:30 PM.

How long is the shortest Trip Time ? The shortest trip time is 7 hrs 30 mins.

What is the cost of this journey ? The lowest Price per person is 1,400 THB.

LiVa Tips

Advance Bookings: Use online platforms to book ferry services and bus tickets beforehand, especially during peak travel seasons.

Comfort Essentials: Carry sun protection and water for the ferry rides; enjoy the air conditioning on board for a comfortable trip.

Explore Local Eats: Try the diverse array of food at the food stalls in both Phuket Town and Koh Phangan.

Cultural Insights: Visit the Big Buddha and other cultural sites in Phuket for a deeper understanding of the local heritage.

Airport Proximity: Remember that Surat Thani Airport is conveniently located for those considering air travel before or after the ferry journey.

Stay Connected: Ensure you have a local SIM card or mobile data plan to stay connected during your journey. This will be invaluable for real-time updates on ferry schedules, navigating to and from ports, and accessing online booking confirmations.

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