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Railay to Phuket by Ferry or Speedboat: Your Next Adventure | Complete Guide

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Railay to Phuket by Ferry or Speedboat: Your Next Adventure?


Embarking on a journey from the serene shores of Railay to the vibrant island of Phuket is an adventure waiting to unfold. This picturesque voyage offers travelers the opportunity to explore the stunning landscapes of Thailand by sea. Whether you're seeking the thrill of a speedboat ride or the leisurely pace of a ferry, this guide will provide you with all the essential details to plan your trip seamlessly.

Railay to Phuket Schedule and Pricing

Navigating the waters between Railay and Phuket by speedboat or ferry has never been easier, thanks to a variety of travel options tailored to meet every traveler's needs. Here, we break down the schedule and pricing to help you choose the best route for your journey.

Departure Details:

Speedboat Journey: For those in search of speed and efficiency, the combination of 4 speedboats from Railay Bay to Bang Rong Pier is the perfect choice. Operated by Koh Yao Sun Smile and Green Planet, this option promises a swift and scenic route to Phuket.

Ferry Service: If you're inclined towards a more relaxed voyage, the single ferry from Railay Bay to Rassada Pier, courtesy of Ao Nang Travel and Tour, offers a peaceful and picturesque journey to your destination.

Pricing Information:

Koh Yao Sun Smile Speedboat Combo: THB 1190 ($33)

Green Planet Speedboat Combo: THB 1000 ($28)

Ao Nang Travel and Tour Ferry: THB 665 ($19)

Check-in Instructions:

Prior to boarding, ensure you have your tickets and identification ready for check-in. It's recommended to arrive at least 30 minutes before departure to allow ample time for boarding procedures.

Important Travel Information:

- Distance: The journey from Railay to Phuket spans approximately 63 miles (100 km), offering a glimpse into the breathtaking maritime landscape of Thailand.

- Travel Time: Depending on your chosen mode of transport, the travel time can range from 1h 50m  to 2 hours.

- Daily Departures times: Speedboat trips are available daily at 10:30 am, 11:40 am, and 1:40 pm, while the ferry sets sail at 3:15 pm.

Adding to the allure of your journey from Railay Beach to Phuket, it's worth noting the myriad of destinations and transportation modes available to enrich your travel experience further. For those intrigued by the crystal-clear waters and stunning landscapes of the Andaman Sea, considering a side trip to Koh Phi Phi or Ko Lanta could be a splendid addition to your trip plan. The high season brings a bustling vibrancy to these islands, making it the perfect time to explore their unique charm.

For adventurers keen on exploring beyond the sea routes, integrating a journey through other modes such as the van ferry or even considering a combination of bus and train travel can offer a comprehensive glimpse into Thailand's diverse landscapes.

From the serene beaches of East Railay to the bustling docks preparing for Koh Phi, the options are endless. Securing your ferry ticket ahead of time, especially during the high season, ensures a seamless travel experience, allowing you to soak in the beauty and excitement of Thailand's beloved islands at your own pace.