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Tao Island to Phuket Ferry | Tao Island to Phuket Speedboat

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How to get from Tao Island to Phuket


From Koh Tao to Phuket by Ferry: A Scenic Journey


Traveling from Koh Tao to Phuket is a popular route that offers a blend of adventure, scenic beauty, and cultural experiences. This guide covers the essentials, from ferry services to must-visit spots like Sairee Beach, ensuring a memorable journey.

How to Get to Phuket

Your journey begins at the serene Koh Tao Pier, specifically Mae Haad Koh Tao, where you'll step aboard a Lomprayah High Speed Ferry. As the Koh Tao ferry glides through the Gulf of Thailand, you're treated to breathtaking views, a hallmark of this popular route. The sea's turquoise waters and the sky's vast canvas create a picturesque backdrop for your voyage.

As said above, it begins with ferry from Koh Tao to Koh Phangan. As you leave Ko Tao, your first destination is the enchanting Koh Phangan. Here, the ferry service, renowned for its comfort and efficiency, ensures a pleasant crossing.

After soaking in the island's beauty, you'll journey onwards to Koh Samui, arriving at the bustling Nathon Pier. Traveling from Koh Tao to Koh Phangan is not just a journey between islands but a passage through some of Thailand's most stunning seascapes.

From Nathon Pier, your next stop is Donsak Pier. This segment of the trip offers a unique view of the Gulf's expansive beauty. Once at Donsak, a combination of bus and ferry services transports you to the heart of Phuket. It culminates at the Vichit Bus Stop in Phuket Town. This route elegantly weaves through various landscapes, offering glimpses into the local life and natural splendors of southern Thailand.

For those seeking a quicker alternative, the high-speed ferry presents an expedited option. Departing from Mae Haad Pier, this route takes you swiftly to Tapee Pier.It significantly reduces travel time. It's an ideal choice for travelers eager to experience the vibrancy of Phuket without the extended journey.

Both the traditional ferry route and the high-speed alternative provide unique experiences. From the tranquility of Koh Tao Pier to the ferry port in Surat Thani, each part of your trip is filled with new discoveries and scenic beauty. It makes the trip from Koh Tao to Phuket a memorable adventure.

Both routes offer diverse experiences. From the tranquility of Koh Tao Pier to the bustling ferry port in Surat Thani.

Things to Know about Phuket

Phuket, renowned for its vibrant street food, bustling markets, and stunning beaches, is a hub of activity. The ticket price for ferries varies, so it's advisable to check with different ferry companies for the best deals.

Things to Do in and Around Phuket

Phuket's attractions range from scuba diving adventures to exploring local cuisine. Sairee Beach is a must-visit for its stunning sunsets and lively atmosphere.


The journey from Koh Tao to Phuket is an experience filled with scenic views, cultural insights, and the serene beauty of the Gulf of Thailand. Whether you choose a bus and ferry combo or a high-speed ferry, each mode of transportation offers a unique perspective of Thailand's coastal charm.

Essential Travel FAQ

What is the total number of service providers operating on this route? 1 operator(s) is/are offering services on this routes.

How many departures are offered each day? 1 departure(s) per day.

What is the scheduled departure time for the initial journey of the day ? The first trip leaves at 9:30 AM.

At what time is the departure time for the final journey of the day ? The Last trip leaves at 6:30 PM.

What is the duration of the briefest journey available on this route ? The shortest trip time is 9 hrs.

What is the cost associated with undertaking this trip ? The lowest Price per person is 1,600 THB.

LiVa Tips

Check the Schedule: Always verify when the ferry operates to plan your journey efficiently and avoid any unexpected delays.

Explore Each Stop: Take time to discover the attractions at each pier in Koh and beyond.

Stay Comfortable: Choose a ferry service such as Lomprayah Ferry. A service that suits your comfort and budget needs.

Experience Local Culture: Try the street food, explore the local markets, and visit shops selling unique goods in Phuket.

Enjoy Water Activities: Don’t miss the scuba diving opportunities in Koh Tao and Phuket.

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