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Samui Bus Terminal Information

Samui Bus Terminal

Samui Bus Terminal: Your Start to Adventure!


In 2012, Koh Samui's west side got a new bus station. It's close to the immigration office. For two years, it was in a different place, after being somewhere else in 2011. By August 2014, the bus station moved to its current place. Right next to the Municipal Samui Hospital, this station has become the main spot to catch a bus. Buses go to places like Bangkok, Hua Hin, and more.


The Samui Bus Terminal is a big deal in Koh Samui. It's not just any bus stop; it's where most land trips start. People come here excited, looking forward to visiting places like Bangkok, the beach town of Hua Hin, and more.

If you're headed to Hat Yai, remember there are two types of buses. The smaller ones from Phantip go a different way. Apart from the main routes, you can go to many places from here. There are taxis and tuk-tuks ready to take tourists around. They can show you secret beaches, busy markets, or calm spots in Ko Samui. This bus terminal is also close to the immigration office.

The terminal is close to important places, making it very convenient to international travelers. The presence of the Municipal Samui Hospital signifies the growth of the locale. For the discerning traveler poised to explore, Ko Samui's bylanes offer a rich tapestry of delightful discoveries.

The bus services here prioritize punctuality and safety. They aspire to make each journey memorable with superior buses, courteous staff, and precise schedules. The bus terminal also shows how Koh Samui has changed over time. It was in one place in 2011, moved for a bit, and settled here in 2014.


The Koh Samui Bus Terminal isn't simply a functional spot where people await their buses. Instead, it stands as a reflection of the very essence of Koh Samui. It is a blend of rich cultural experiences and thrilling adventures waiting to be discovered.

This terminal showcases Thailand's mix of bustling cities and peaceful countryside views. It serves as the ideal commencement for any Thai odyssey. Furthermore, it's not exclusively for visitors. Locals, whether they're embarking on a journey or returning home, frequently make their way through this hub.

In essence, the terminal is a microcosm of the island's vibrant life. It connects different paths and destinies. To truly grasp Thailand's essence and the charm of Koh Samui, start your journey at this terminal. It's a stepping stone to understanding the heart of the region.

Things to Know:

Location Helps: The bus station is close to the immigration office, making things easier.

A Piece of History: The terminal has moved since 2011, telling a bit of Ko Samui's story.

Many Options: There are many places to go from here, including Bangkok and Hua Hin.

Double-Check: For Hat Yai trips with Phantip minibuses, remember they start elsewhere.

Explore the Area: Taxis at the terminal can show you the best of Ko Samui.

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