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Sea Angel Pier Information

Sea Angel Pier

Visiting Phuket from Sea Angel Pier: An Alluring Journey


Begin a captivating adventure from the famed Sea Angel Pier. It is your gateway to the wonders of Phuket Island. Sea Angel pier is positioned in the heart of Phuket Province. It stands as a symbol of adventure and discovery. It leads you to an array of great destinations. Here, the vibrant energy of Patong Beach awaits. It offers a lively beach club scene set against the backdrop of the Andaman Sea. Not far from Sea Angel Pier, you'll find the tranquil Mai Khao Beach. Its long stretches of white sand provide a quiet escape. Here, you can relax away from the busy island life.

As you venture forth from Sea Angel Pier, the rich cultural heritage of Phuket Town beckons. The town is rich in history and modernity. Here, the intricate Sino-Portuguese architecture coexists with bustling street markets. Immerse yourself in the spiritual ambiance of the area. It is highlighted by the majestic Buddha statue and the historical significance of Wat Chalong. The journey from the pier also leads to the captivating Phi Phi Islands. They are a cluster of isles renowned for their stunning natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and breathtaking views from the top.

Angel Pier is a must. Known for its dramatic limestone cliffs rising from emerald waters, the bay presents an unforgettable landscape.

Exploring Phuket's Wonders Starting from Sea Angel Pier

Sea Angel Pier is not just a pier; it's the beginning of your adventure in Phuket.

Patong Beach: Close to the pier, Patong Beach offers a vibrant beach club scene set against white sands and the Andaman Sea's inviting waters.

Phuket Town's Cultural Mosaic: Immerse yourself in the rich history and Sino-Portuguese architecture of Phuket Town. Explore landmarks like the revered Buddha statue and the historical Wat Chalong.

Kata Beach and Karon Beach: Discover the unique charm of Kata and Karon beaches. Their scenic views and water activities abound.

Mai Khao Beach: A short journey from the pier, Mai Khao Beach is a hidden gem. It offers a tranquil escape with its long stretches of white sand.


Sea Angel Pier stands as a departure point. It is also a central hub encapsulating the essence of Phuket's diverse allure. This pier is the key that unlocks a treasure trove of experiences. It connects you to the vibrant life and stunning landscapes of this tropical paradise. Sea Angel Pier opens up two different worlds. On one side, there's Patong Beach, with its busy streets and lively beach clubs set against the Andaman Sea. On the other, there's the calm Mai Khao Beach, known for its quiet shores and white sands. The pier connects these unique but equally beautiful places.

LiVa Tips

Respect and Culture: Show reverence at significant sites like the Big Buddha and Wat Chalong, respecting the local traditions.

Phi Phi Islands Prep: Gear up with essentials like sunscreen for your island hopping adventure.

Tuk-Tuk Experience: Engage with the local culture by negotiating fares before enjoying a ride in the iconic tuk-tuks.

Market Adventures: Explore the local street markets for a taste of Phuket's vibrant culture and cuisine.

Address : 2/26 Rassada Subdistrict, Muang Phuket District, Phuket Province 83000 Thailand.