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Seatran Discovery Information

Seatran Discovery

Seatran Discovery: High-Speed Ferry Adventures Await


Embark on unforgettable journeys with Seatran ferries – your gateway to swift and scenic travel. Whether you're heading to Koh Samui's tropical paradise or exploring the charms of Surat Thani, Seatran Discovery offers safe and speedy transportation. With our high-speed ferries and comfortable speed boats, your dream destinations are just a ride away.

Mission and Vision:

Mission: Seatran Discovery is committed to providing seamless and secure ferry services, connecting travelers to the beauty of Koh Samui and other captivating destinations. Our mission is to make your journey as memorable as your arrival.

Vision: Our vision is to be the leading force in convenient and enjoyable ferry travel, fostering connections and enabling enriching experiences for passengers from around the world.

Company Services:

Spanning the Gulf of Thailand, Seatran Discovery offers a range of services, including high-speed ferries and comfortable speed boats, making your travel experience comfortable and efficient. Safety is paramount, and our modern vessels are equipped with advanced safety features and operated by experienced crews. Families, couples, and solo adventurers can all rely on Seatran Speed boats for safe and enjoyable journeys.

Key Features:

Swift Journeys: With Seatran ferries, you'll enjoy swift crossings, reducing travel time and maximizing your vacation moments.

Safety Assurance: Our vessels boast advanced safety systems and are staffed by skilled crews, ensuring your journey is secure and worry-free.

Onboard Comfort: Revel in comfortable seating, climate-controlled cabins, and onboard amenities designed to enhance your voyage.

Scenic Views: Admire picturesque coastal vistas along every route, making your journey an integral part of your travel experience.

At a Glance: Some of the destinations we offer

Koh Samui: Explore the lush landscapes and pristine beaches of Koh Samui, a tropical haven that promises relaxation and adventure. Please click here for further details.

Koh Phangan: Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Koh Phangan, renowned for the Full Moon Party and captivating beaches. Please click here for further details.

Koh Tao: Delve into underwater wonders while visiting Koh Tao, a diver's paradise known for its crystal-clear waters. Please click here for further details.

Surat Thani: Discover the authentic Thai culture in Surat Thani, and enjoy easy access to the region through Surat Thani Airport. Please click here for further details.


Seatran Discovery not only transports you to your desired destination but also crafts an integral part of your travel memories. Our commitment to efficient service aligns with your travel aspirations. Join us in realizing a vision of seamless exploration, where the journey itself is as remarkable as the destination. Choose Seatran Discovery for your next adventure – where every journey is an exploration worth cherishing.

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Join Minivan from Samui Airport to the Pier and from the Pier to Samui Airport


Seatran Discovery Ferry Donsak Pier to Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

Bangrak Pier

Bangrak Pier: Gateway to Samui Island's Beauty


Bangrak Pier, nestled in the heart of Bang Rak, stands as a pivotal gateway to the enchanting realm of Samui. This pier is a great starting point for travelers.

From here, you can explore Koh Samui and many nearby islands. Step into a realm of tropical beauty and rich culture at Bangrak Pier. Let it be the beginning of a memorable adventure.


Simply put, Bangrak Pier is a gateway in the Bang Rak area to the wonders of Thailand. Bangrak Pier is a special place in Thailand. Here, you'll find a blend of the country's rich history and its modern advancements. While ancient traditions are still very much alive, you can also see modern skyscrapers touching the clouds.

It's a place where the past and the present come together, giving visitors a unique taste of Thailand. And Bangrak Pier also acts as a showcase, giving you a glimpse of the best spots Samui has waiting for you. By starting your trip here, you'll be immersing yourself in a vibrant blend of Thailand's cultural wonders and its scenic beauty.

From its lively traditions and delicious food to its stunning natural landscapes, Thailand is a treasure trove of experiences. And Bangrak Pier? It's the beginning of this exciting story.

Samui Airport's proximity ensures swift arrivals and departures. Check out the bright Chao Phraya River and those high rise buildings, like the State Tower. The city vibes and nature look great together here!

For those seeking a cultural touch, the Big Buddha statue and the nearby golden buddhas embody Ko Samui's faith. Day trip opportunities abound; the Ang Thong National Park beckons with its untouched beauty. If you find yourself hungry, you can enjoy authentic Thai cuisines available in the Bang Rak area.

Bangrak Pier is a giant central station, but not just for boats. Located right there, it’s your main spot to reach different parts of the island and other cool places a bit farther, like Surat Thani. So if you're planning a short day trip to see some nearby cool spots or you want to check out the island's tall buildings, this is your starting point. From Bangrak Pier, a multitude of adventures await nearby, ensuring a convenient and enjoyable journey.


In simpler terms, Bangrak Pier, located in the area of Bang Rak, is the perfect starting point for anyone looking to dive deep into a combination of Thailand's age-old traditions and the modern skyscraper-filled skyline. It also showcases the finest attractions Samui has to offer.

When you begin your adventure here, you're opening yourself up to a world filled with the vibrant colors, flavors, and sights of Thai culture and the natural beauty that surrounds it. So, think of it as your personal introduction to the diverse and rich world of Thailand.

Things to Do:

Explore Lamai Beach: Soak up the sun on Lamai Beach, one of Koh Samui's beautiful beaches, known for its pristine sands and azure waters.

Visit the Big Buddha: A testament to the island's religion, the Big Buddha statue stands tall, beckoning visitors to admire its grandeur and learn about local beliefs.

Experience diving in the Gulf of Thailand. Near Koh Tao, you'll find amazing sea creatures and super clear water.

Enjoy traditional Thai food! Visit Bang Rak's local spots to try everything from hot curries to sweet treats.

Take a day trip to Ang Thong National Park. It's a beautiful, untouched place with lots to see and trails to hike.

Samui Airport

Samui Airport: A Gateway to Samui Islands


Nestled in the Gulf of Thailand's clear waters is Ko Samui, a paradise and the region's largest island. The magic of Koh Samui starts as soon as you land at its unique airport. You'll feel its natural beauty even before you step onto its sandy beaches. Bangkok Airways connects you easily to Ko Samui's unique airport.

This ensures a smooth journey from the busy capital to this peaceful tropical island, just like its calm sunsets. Ko Samui is perfect for both relaxing in nature and seeking adventures. The memories you make here will stay with you long after you leave.


Ko Samui boasts a wealth of attractions. The towering Big Buddha and the intricate Wat Plai Laem are testament to the island's rich cultural and spiritual heritage. For beach enthusiasts, the vibrant Chaweng beaches offer lively experiences, while Lamai Beach provides a more serene escape.

The island's natural wonders don't end there. Hin Ta and Hin Yai rocks, Na Muang waterfalls, and Choeng Mon Beach are top spots in Ko Samui. You shouldn't miss them when visiting.

When you visit Koh Samui, you are greeted by a tranquil paradise characterized by its beautiful beaches. These beautiful beaches with palm trees and blue waters make Ko Samui a top spot for travelers. It's a perfect place for relaxation.

Traveling from Bangkok to Koh Samui has never been easier. With its location, island-hopping to nearby treasures like Ko Pha Ngan is easy. Adventure seekers can delve into the pristine waters of Ang Thong National Park or take a leisurely trek exploring the terrains.

If you decide to explore on two wheels, always wear a helmet. And as you navigate through the breathtaking landscapes of the Surat Thani Province, remember each turn holds a new story, a new adventure.


Ko Samui emerges as a beacon of serenity and wonder. In Ko Samui, green rainforests mix with bright blue waters. At the same time, old temples with a rich history are found near the island's soft white beaches.

As you embark on this tropical journey, the island unfolds in a series of memorable moments: from the tranquil murmur of its bustling local markets, awash in a riot of colors and scents, to the sacred hum of chants that drift from its revered sanctuaries.

Step onto its untouched shores, and you'll be immediately swept up in the harmonious ballet of waves playing upon the sand, and the gentle rustle of palm fronds responding to the sea's call. Beyond its natural splendor, Ko Samui's rich cultural tapestry offers a deeper connection, an invitation to immerse oneself in a world where tradition and modernity converge.

Things to Know:

Ko Samui itself is the largest island in the Samui Archipelago.

Local crafts and beach necessities are available at the airport shops.

Car rental counters within the airport ensure easy exploration.

The Big Buddha stands not just as a photo spot, but as a beacon of culture.

Seamless connections from various urban centers make travel a breeze.

Thong Sala Pier

Koh Phangan Gateway: Adventures Begin at Thong Sala Pier


Step onto Thong Sala Pier, the gateway to Koh Phangan. Located in the Gulf of Thailand, this busy pier connects you to many exciting adventures. For travelers, Thong Sala Pier is the starting point to explore the island's beautiful scenery and vibrant culture.


Thong Sala Pier is a busy spot for Koh Phangan. Ferries from this pier go to nearby islands, including Koh Samui and Koh Tao. Check the ferry schedule before you go, and it's a good idea to buy ferry tickets early to avoid any hassle. Ferries servicing the route between Koh Phangan and Koh Samui ensure a regular and convenient connection for travelers.

When you get off at the pier, you'll smell Thai street food from Thong Sala's night market. There are many food stalls to choose from. Just a short walk away is the post office if you need to send mail.

Beyond the pier, the island has a lot to offer. There's the famous Full Moon Party at Haad Rin that many people come to enjoy. If you want something calmer, visit Baan Tai village to see local island life. Also, Thong Sala's food market has lots of tasty options, from curries to seafood.

For those keen on exploring beyond Koh Phangan, the pier provides the perfect launching point. If you're going to Koh Samui for relaxing or Koh Tao for its underwater life, the pier makes traveling easy.

Koh Phangan and Koh Samui are popular islands in Thailand. Koh Phangan is known for its Full Moon Party, while Koh Samui is famous for highly recommended luxury resorts and temples. Thong Sala Beach on Koh Phangan has beautiful soft sands and clear waters. It's great for relaxing and enjoying the water. The sunsets here are stunning, loved by both locals and visitors.

Thong Sala offers a lot. There are busy markets with local crafts and food stalls with tasty Thai food. The town showcases Koh Phangan's lively culture, giving visitors a real taste of the island.

The trip between Phangan and Koh Samui is quick. Some people visit both, enjoying Koh Phangan's energy and then Koh Samui's calmness. Traveling between them is easy, and both islands offer unique experiences, making them great for island-hopping.


Koh Phangan has busy markets and calm beaches. The island is known for its lively parties. You can get there through Thong Sala Pier. It has many experiences to offer.

Things to Know:

Maritime Dream: Thong Sala Pier is more than a transition point. It's an opening to island fantasies, where ships weave nautical wonders.

Shopping Delight: Traverse a variety of stores featuring exceptional crafts, each echoing stories of local craftsmen's expertise.

Nathon Getaway: A brief trip to Nathon unveils tranquil sands and a calm mood, reflecting the island's enduring charm.

Flavor Expedition: Allow native tastes to enthrall you, leading you on a gastronomic voyage into Thai traditions.