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Tourist Center Information

Tourist Center

The Clock Tower Tourist Center Bus Station in Hua Hin


Right next to a beloved coffee spot and beneath Prachuap Khiri Khan's iconic Clock Tower is Hua Hin's central Tourist Center. This is the place where travelers gather to begin their local adventures.

This nexus, frequented by discerning travelers, beckons those desiring to immerse in the locale's tapestry. Its pièce de résistance? A strategically situated bus terminal. Here, journeys, be it from Bangkok to Hua Hin or Bangkok to Surat Thani, find their inception.


Within the pulsating heart of Hua Hin, in proximity to the Clock Tower, the city's vibrant cadence is palpable. As twilight envelopes the horizon, the ambience undergoes a change. The Hua Hin night market, a stone's throw away, burgeons with life.

These nocturnal bazaars, aglow with myriad lanterns, unfurl a mosaic of culinary delights and artisanal treasures, ensnaring both denizens and wanderers. The market's lively sounds mix with the buzz of tuk tuks and the beauty of nearby national parks. It creates the typical Hua Hin scene. This combination gives visitors a true taste of the area.

If you're interested in Hua Hin beach or the trip from Bangkok, visit the Tourist Center. Many travelers praise it online. It has knowledgeable staff and air conditioning, making it a great first stop for your Thai trip.

Eager to voyage via coach? Roong Reuang Coach, distinguished by its cerulean buses, graces this terminal with its esteemed presence. Their impeccable service and extensive routes, especially the sought-after Bangkok to Surat Thani, accentuate their reliability. Their ubiquitous presence ensures that any sojourner at the bus stop will surely encounter them.

Interwoven with the Tourist Center, this bus terminus serves as a portal to Thailand's myriad wonders. The services frequently head to places like Sai Tai Mai and the beautiful Chiang Mai. Their main location is at 1600 Phetchaburi Road Makkasan Ratchathevi Bangkok 10400 Thailand. It is an major landmark.

All commences at this location. Going to the national parks. Or visiting Wat Huay Mongkol. Or taking a quick 30 minutes tuk tuk ride to the train station.


The Tourist Center Bus Station in Hua Hin transcends its functional role, evolving into the genesis of myriad narratives. There are many experiences to try here. You can spend 100 baht at the night market or enjoy a tuk tuk ride.

All these adventures are connected to this terminal. For those hailing from the United States and seeking an authentic Thai tapestry, this hub serves as the ideal compass. Tighten those laces, let excitement burgeon, and allow the Hua Hin odyssey to unfurl.

Things to Know:

The Hua Hin night market offers an authentic Thai bazaar experience.

Relinquish oneself to the serene allure of Hua Hin beach.

Tuk tuks offer an expedited exploration mode.

The railway terminus is a mere 30-minute jaunt away.

A prudent 100 baht expenditure unveils myriad local gems.

Address : Hua Hin, Hua Hin District, Prachuap Khiri Khan 77110, Thailand.